As the sun rises or sets, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of cruising the open waters on a boat tour. From intimate dinner cruises to larger, action-packed boat trips, there’s a boat tour for every kind of adventurer. Here are some of the best boat tours and excursions to embark on.

Luxury Dinner Cruises  

Dinner cruises provide the perfect romantic opportunity to enjoy a relaxing dinner on the open waters. Many of these cruises feature multi-course menus and an array of complimentary drinks. Here are the top luxury dinner cruises.

  1. Broome Cruises – Broome, Australia

This luxurious dinner cruise departs from the shores of beautiful Broome in Wester Australia. The two-hour cruise includes a multi-course dinner with wine and other drinks. On-board entertainment includes live music with stunning backdrops of Broome’s Roebuck Bay.

  1. Mystic Sunset Cruise – Stonington, Connecticut

This sunset dinner cruise offers one of the most incredible views in the United States. The cruise departs from Stonington Borough of Connecticut. This three-hour dinner cruise includes a fully catered multi-course dinner and narrated sightseeing of the harbor.

  1. Norwegian Fjord Escape Cruise – Bergen, Norway

This incredible escape cruise includes a multiple-course dinner experience. Departing from the lively Bergen harbor in Norway, this tour takes passengers through the beautiful fjords and coastlines of Norway.

Wildlife Tours  

Spotting animals in their natural habitat can be a thrilling and educational experience. Wildlife tours offer a great opportunity to observe dolphins, whales, seals, and other incredible wildlife. Here are the best wildlife tours by boat.

  1. Killer Whale Tours – San Juan Islands, Washington.

The San Juan Islands in Washington offer some of the best whale-watching opportunities in the United States. Commuters on the boat tours can expect to see five species of whales, porpoises, seals and a variety of coastal birds. Tours are around 2-3 hours.

  1. Dolphin Spotting – Eilat, Israel

The boat tours of Eilat offer passengers an opportunity to observe dolphins and other marine animals playing in their natural habitats. The cruises generally leave in the morning or evening and offer sightings of the Red Sea and the city of Eilat. You’re almost guaranteed to spot some dolphins along your way.

  1. Great British Boat Tours – Falmouth, United Kingdom

Prime wildlife spotters will love this cruise. The Great British Boat Tour takes passengers for a Wildlife & Nature Voyage around Falmouth Bay and the Helford River. Along the journey, you can expect to spot seals, birds and other forms of marine life.

River Cruises  

One of the most popular ways to explore a city is via a river cruise. These relaxing cruises take passengers for a journey down winding rivers, across peaceful lakes, and through tunnels and canals. Here are some of the best river tours and cruises.

  1. Branson Scenic Riverboat Cruise – Branson, Missouri

This scenic cruise offers passengers an opportunity to explore the beautiful Lake Taneycomo in Missouri. The 70-minute tour includes narrations on the history of the lake and surrounding areas. Cruises mainly happen in the evening and feature onboard entertainment.

  1. Historic Thames River Cruise – London, United Kingdom

The Thames is the lifeblood of London and this historic river boat cruise gives passengers a unique opportunity to explore London’s famous boat-filled river. The 90-minute cruise includes narrations onboard and covers the Thames Barrier to the Tower of London.

  1. Dinner Cruise – Prague, Czech Republic

Experience beautiful Prague by river on the Dinner Cruise. This two-hour cruise takes passengers on a leisurely journey around Prague’s amazing shoreline. Complimentary drinks are provided with a variety of European meals and a great deal of onboard entertainment for the whole family.

Fishing Charters  

Sports fishing enthusiasts will absolutely love spending the day out at sea on a boat tour. Fishing charters generally provide the boat, tackle and bait you need to have a great time out on the open waters. Here are the top fishing charters.

  1. Canadian Fishing Charters – Bloézemwood, Canada

This Canadian fishing charter offers passengers a unique experience of the Bloézemwood, Canada. The boat tour offers guidance and angling instructions to help you land the perfect catch. Full-day charters include complimentary lunch and a stop off at nearby islands for a picnic.

  1. Reef Fishing Charters – Key West, Florida

The reef fishing charters of Key West are a great opportunity for anglers to test their skills. Passengers can choose from either half-day or full-day charters that include all the equipment needed, bait and an expert fishing guide.

  1. Big Game Fishing – Mombasa, Kenya

Experience the thrill of big game fishing off the incredible coast of Mombasa in Kenya. You can choose from half-day or full-day charters depending on what time of day you want to experience the thrill of catching the “big one”.

Whale Watching Tours  

Seeing whales in our natural environment is a once in a lifetime experience. Most whale watching tours are done via boat—allowing passengers to catch a glimpse of majestic marine behemoths up close. Here are the best whale watching tours around the world.

  1. Antarctic Whale Watching Expedition – Antarctica

This world-class whale watching tour takes passengers for the experience of a lifetime in the icy waters of Antarctica. Pack your winter clothes and get ready to witness a variety of whales including Humpback whales, Bottle-nosed dolphins and Minke whales amongst many others.

  1. Galapagos Whale Watching – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The islands of Galapagos offer some of the best whale-watching opportunities in the world. During this eight-day boat tour, passengers are able to spot the various species of whales common around the islands such as Sperm whales, Humpback whales and pilot whales.

  1. Costa Rica Whale Watching – Boca Barranca, Costa Rica

The stunning Pacific Coast of Costa Rica offers incredible fishing opportunities and whales sightings. Tour the waters of Boca Barranca on the lookout for Bottle-nose dolphins, humpback whales, and Caribbean Sea mammals.

Exploring the open waters on a boat tour is an incredible experience for anyone who loves the sea and it is the perfect way to admire the natural beauty of the environment. From luxury dinner cruises to wildlife tours and lake cruises, there’s a boat tour to suit almost every kind of traveler. Book one now and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure.