Magical Caves in America That Will Give You Goosebumps 

People often look to nature when they are after a bit of magic and adventure. Whether that be hiking up a mountain or exploring a cave, there is something magical about earth’s many wonders. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of some of the most magical caves in the United States that would give even the bravest of adventurers goosebumps.

Fantastic Pit Cave

Coming in at the top of the list is Fantastic Pit Cave, located in Northeastern Tennessee. Known as a “Wet Cave System,” over 11.5 miles of an underground river system lies underneath this old-growth forest. Home to a startling array of creatures, you will be gazing in awe at the unique one-of-a-kind formations. It is known as a rather difficult trek as its many rock formations and slippery surfaces make it difficult to explore without a guide.

Mammoth Cave

Second on our list, located in southern Kentucky, is Mammoth Cave. What is unique about this limestone cave is the extent of it — Mammoth is the longest known cave system in the world. With over 200 miles of surveyed passage, it could easily take a lifetime to explore. With that said, no need to worry, you can sign up for a guided tour or explore a part of it on your own. Keep in mind the temperature averages around 54°F no matter what the temperature is outside.

Cave of the Winds

Located in Manitou Springs, Colorado at the base of Pikes Peak is Cave of the Winds. It is a cave-like environment formed by a series of volcanic rock formations that have naturally formed into balconies, baths, and amazing caverns. You can explore the cave alone, or there are various tour options. One of the highlights of this cave is the Wind Tunnel, where you can stand in the raging winds inside, almost as if you can feel the power of nature itself.

The Incredible Marble Cave

Located in East Glacier Park in Montana is the Incredible Marble Cave, an impressive natural wonder not to be missed. This cave is actually a section of the Blackfoot-Jackson Glacier, and over thousands of years its icy walls have slowly been worn away by the waters of the glacier below. The marble walls, which reflect the cool blue of the waters, will certainly give you goose bumps.

Ape Caves

Ape Caves, located in Gifford Pinchot National Forest just outside of Seattle, is another cave to add to the list. It is the longest lava tube in the continental United States, measuring in at 2.5 miles. With the lamproite lava walls and a stunning array of colorful formations, Ape Caves feel almost other-worldly. It comes with 3 levels of difficulty, perfect for any explorer — beginner or advanced.

Carter Caves

Carter Caves is a complex of three caves located in Olive Hill, Kentucky. It is a great destination for the more experienced explorer, as some of the climbs can be challenging. Here you will find an amazing array of waterfalls, towering rock formations, and an impressive 18-foot thunder dome. Definitely a sight to behold.

Carrizo Plain Cave

Tucked away in the Carrizo Plain of Central California, you can find the Carrizo Plain Cave. This particular cave is the size of a small house, but don’t let the size of this cave deceive you — there’s plenty to explore. Features here include large rocky chambers, intricate mazes, a huge skylight, and a lot of other formations not found anywhere else.

Lost Creek Cave

Last on the list is Lost Creek Cave. The cave is located in Lincoln County, Tennessee in the Highland Rim area. The entrance cave measures some 80 feet and is fitted with an iron gate. Believed to be used as an escape route during the American Civil War, it surely has an interesting history. Although the cave itself is quite modest, it has an eerie mysterious feeling that gives you goosebumps just thinking about it.

Tips for Your Cave Exploration

Exploring a cave is an exciting and thrilling experience, but it is important to always make safety a priority when going into these underground wonders.

Here are a few tips to remember:

  1. Wear the right clothing and shoes – You want to make sure you have non-slip shoes and clothing that is suitable for cooler temperatures.

  2. Bring a torch – One or two torches will help keep you safe while you wander in the dark.

  3. Bring enough water and food – Mind your energy levels and carry enough to snack on and keep yourself hydrated along the way.

  4. Have a backup plan – If you’re planning to explore deeper or longer inside the cave, always have a plan B.

  5. Follow the rules and signs – Every cave is different and has its own set of rules and signs. Make sure to abide by them as they were put in place for your safety.

  6. Go with a friend or guide – Just like safety, it is important to have someone to accompany you. Either a friend or a guide will help you stay safe, informed and more prepared for your adventure.

Exploring a magical cave is a once in a lifetime experience. The caves listed here are known for their unique characteristics, from their size to their eerie mysterious feel. Although it can be intimidating, if you have the right preparation, equipments and skills, your cave exploration will definitely be an experience of a lifetime. So, why don’t you try exploring a cave on your next adventure and take back with you some extraordinary and unforgettable memories.