Parades: New Orleans’s Best Events for Families and Kids

From the raucous festivities of Mardi Gras to the historical traditions Ofva Southern Decadence and Celebration, New Orleans is known for its unique and entertaining celebrations. But one of the most beloved celebrations enjoyed by families and kids is its parades -those colorful and exciting marches through the French Quarter and other areas of the city that offer a huge variety of entertainment.

From the flamboyant floats to the marching bands of all kinds, parades in New Orleans offer something to delight both kids and adults. Here is our guide to the best parades for families and kids in New Orleans:

1. Krewe of Orpheus

The Krewe of Orpheus is one of the most beloved parades, and no visit to New Orleans is complete without experiencing this parade. The parade is named after the mythical Greek musician Orpheus who, in legend, was able to charm both humans and wild animals, symbolizing Orpheus’s remarkable combination of power and beauty.

The Krewe of Orpheus parade is New Orleans’s official Mardi Gras parade, and it celebrates all aspects of the Mardi Gras tradition. This is a family-friendly event complete with colorful floats and masked krewe members throwing doubloons, beads and other trinkets to the cheering crowd.

2. Southern Decadence

The Southern Decadence parade is an annual event that celebrates the end of summer in New Orleans. It is known for its outrageous costumes and floats, and it is a great opportunity for families and kids to experience the amazing culture of the Big Easy.

The parade goes through the historic French Quarter and features some of the city’s best marching bands, extravagant floats and special guests. The parade is also a great opportunity for kids to witness one of the oldest traditions in the city -the walking krewes-who represent their respective participants in the parade by wearing their costumes and masks.

3. Twelfth Night Parade

The Twelfth Night Parade is another popular New Orleans parade that celebrates the start of the New Year. This parade is exciting and fun for both children and adults alike, and it is always one of the most well-attended parades in the city.

The parade includes floats, marching bands, and a variety of special guests. At the start of the parade, there is a ceremonial cake-cutting by the Captain of the parade, which is a fun and exciting way to kick off the festivities.

4. Endymion Parade

The Endymion parade is one of the largest parades in New Orleans and it has become a staple of Mardi Gras celebrations. This parade always has a great mix of musicians, dancers and performers from all over the world.

The parade includes a variety of large floats, marching bands, dancers and other entertainers, making it a very entertaining event for families and children. Along the way, krewe members will be throwing beads and other trinkets for the crowd to catch, making for a fun and engaging experience.

5. French Quarter Festival

The French Quarter Festival is a great family event that is full of fun activities and attractions. From the street performers on Royal Street to the acoustic shows in Jackson Square, there is something for everyone in this festival.

The highlight of the event is the parade, which is full of vibrant floats, marching bands and activities. The kids can take part in street painting, mask-making and other activities, while the adults can enjoy traditional Cajun cuisine and taste the variety of beers and wines.

6. St. Charles Streetcar Parade

The St. Charles Streetcar Parade is a fun and colorful parade that goes through the streets of New Orleans. This parade features various floats, marching bands and other performances. The streetcar parade is a great way to see the vibrant sights of the city, and it gives visitors an up close and personal view of the city’s culture, history and architecture.

The streetcar parade is also an excellent way for kids to learn about New Orleans culture, with the streetcars going past famous attractions such as the Garden District and French Quarter. Kids can even get to join in on the parade and ride along in one of the decorated streetcars.

7. Gay Easter Parade

The Gay Easter Parade is a tradition in New Orleans and is a great opportunity for families and kids to celebrate the Easter holiday. This popular parade is filled with floats, dancers, marching bands and other entertainers, and it is one of the most colorful parades of the year.

Kids can take part in a great variety of activities, including Easter egg hunts, face painting and decorating their own Easter bonnet. There are also plenty of vendors serving up traditional New Orleans food and drinks, making it a great way to experience the unique culture of the city.

From the traditional and glamorous Mardi Gras celebrations to the vibrant parades, New Orleans is truly a city for families and kids to enjoy. With its diverse array of parades that offer something for everyone, New Orleans is a great destination for those looking for a fun and exciting experience. The parades listed above are just a few of the great parades available in this vibrant city, and each one offers its own unique combination of music, costumes and culture. So no matter what your family is looking for, there is a parade in New Orleans that they can enjoy.