The Best Gliding Experiences to Try

Gliding is an exciting and thrilling experience that allows people to experience the sensation of flying like a bird. From taking in the beauty of the landscape from high up in the sky to the sensations of soaring and gliding on the wind, the experience of gliding is truly sublime and unforgettable. Here are some of the best gliding experiences to try if you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure:

Tandem Gliding

Tandem gliding involves flying with an experienced instructor in a two-man glider. During the experience, passengers will have a chance to get a hands-on introduction to the controlling of a hang glider. The flight usually starts with a high launch from a nearby hill or mountain, allowing the guests to experience the feeling of taking off and hitting the sky. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that will give you the incredible sensation of gliding over different terrains.

Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is another popular gliding experience to try. It involves flying on a light plastic, non-motorized craft resembling a hang glider and using various methods of propulsion, such as thermal current or wave lift, to stay afloat. Hang gliding gives you the opportunity to enjoy incredible views from high up in the sky, as well as the sensation of soaring along with the wind.

Mountain Side Soaring

Mountain side soaring is another beautiful way to experience gliding. With this type of gliding, passengers are taken up with a tow plane or cable lift to an altitude of about 18,000 feet. The passengers will then get to experience gliding down the mountain side, enjoying the incredible views from above and taking in the feeling of being free-falling, a truly breathtaking experience.


Paragliding is another fun and thrilling experience to try. This involves using a specialized paraglider and harness, allowing passengers to safely have the experience of gliding along with the airflow, taking in the beautiful landscape below. Passengers get to enjoy the sensation of flying and can easily control their glider, making the experience truly enjoyable and relaxing.

Glider Air Racing

Glider air racing offers a thrilling gliding experience for adventurous seekers. This involves taking part in a race with several other competitors in a specially designed gliding plane. Passengers will get to compete in a timed race, reaching for the fastest speed to win the race. Glider air racing is definitely a unique experience providing an adrenaline rush and competitive spirit.


Thermalling is another exciting gliding experience that allows passengers to “spiral” to gain altitude by taking advantage of thermal currents. This is a great way to go up and down with incredible views of the landscape and soaring along with changing wind speeds.

Gliding Camps

Gliding camps are a great way to learn the basics of gliding and gain experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Gliding camps are typically held at an approved gliding field and offer a range of different experiences including tandem gliding, hang gliding, and air racing. They also provide an opportunity to learn the basics of gliding, such as the physics of flight and the use of thermal currents, from professional instructors.

Adventure Sports Gliding

This is a great type of gliding experience for those looking for an adrenaline rush. Adventure sports gliding combines the experience of air racing, mountain side soaring, and even paragliding to offer guests an intense and exhilarating experience. This type of gliding experience is sure to give thrill seekers the rush they are looking for.

Gliding Tours

Gliding tours offer passengers the opportunity to experience gliding along with breathtaking views of a certain region, such as the Grand Canyon or Death Valley in the USA. This type of experience is especially suitable for those who want to get a dramatic view of a certain region, as the views from high up in the air are unparalleled.

There is no doubt that gliding is a unique and exciting experience. From taking off from the ground and hit the sky, all the way to competing in a furious air race, gliding is an incredible way to explore the world and take in the beauty of nature. The different types of gliding experiences we have discussed here are all great options to experience, so why not give one of them a try to find out which one you like best?