10 Things to Know Before You Travel to Brazil

Brazil is one of the world’s most dynamic and vibrant countries. But with this vibrancy comes a few things that you should know before you head down to South America. From the culture and language to the food, here is our guide to 10 Things to Know Before You Travel to Brazil.

  1. Language

The language of Brazil is Portuguese, which is spoken by over 200 million people around the world. Although it might be intimidating to learn a new language, knowing the basics of Portuguese before your travels to Brazil is the best way to ensure that you can communicate with locals. To make things easier, you might find it helpful to look up a few basic phrases in Portuguese, like ‘good morning’ and ‘thank you’.

  1. Culture

From the samba of Rio de Janeiro to the capoeira of Salvador, Brazil is a country full of cultural richness. All throughout the country, you’ll be able to find festivals, parades and street vendors selling locally made goods. While exploring Brazil’s vibrant culture, keep an eye out for the diverse set of customs that make the country so unique.

  1. Education System

Brazil has a public education system that is among the most advanced in the world. Elementary and secondary education are both free, and teachers are highly trained and professional. Universities, on the other hand, are still quite expensive but more affordable than most other places.

  1. Visa Requirements

International travelers to Brazil are typically required to have a visa. The specific visa will depend on the traveler’s nationality and length of stay. Make sure to have all of your documents organized and in order before you travel.

  1. Cash or Credit

Most of the time, you should expect to use cash when you travel around Brazil. Credit cards are accepted in a few places (mainly in cities), and ATMs are available in most areas. Make sure to be mindful of the types and amounts of money you are carrying around with you.

  1. Local Cuisine

Brazilian cuisine is a combination of African, Portuguese and Indigenous influences, which translates into a lively and flavorful range of dishes. You’ll be able to find plenty of dishes made from fresh ingredients, like soy beans and rice, as well as plenty of seafood dishes from the coast.

  1. Safety

Brazil has had a few dangerous cities that have gotten some bad publicity, but currently the country is much safer. As with all your travels, you should take the normal precautions and always be mindful of your surroundings.

  1. Getting Around

Public transportation in Brazil is generally cheap and reliable. However, always keep in mind that your best bet for getting around quickly is to take a taxi. The prices for taking a taxi in Brazil are usually reasonable and the taxis are usually air-conditioned and comfortable.

  1. Shopping & Bargaining

When it comes to shopping in Brazil, one thing is for sure, you should come prepared to bargain. In most markets, the prices are typically high and you should expect to bargain down to get the best prices. However, remember to be respectful and never be too aggressive.

  1. Weather & Clothing

The climate in Brazil varies depending on which region you’re in. While some areas have heavy rains and thick clouds, other parts are extremely hot. Be sure to bring some light, comfortable clothing with you, as well as an umbrella or raincoat, in case of rain.

Traveling to Brazil can be an incredibly rewarding experience. By doing a bit of research and preparing yourself beforehand, you can ensure that you make the most out of your trip to this vibrant country. Be sure to keep the above points in mind and have a memorable time!