Take Flight with One of Top Europe’s Helicopter Tours  

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, taking a helicopter tour in Europe is the ultimate way to explore the breathtaking beauty of the continent. The experience of flying high above the skyline of a gorgeous European city or soaring over stunning beaches, snow-capped mountains, and breath-taking views is something you will never forget. From Milan to Paris, there are some of the best helicopter tours in Europe that offer truly unforgettable memories.

The Best Helicopter Tours in Europe  

  1. London Helicopter Tour

A London Helicopter Tour is an incredible way to appreciate the beauty of Britain’s capital city. A flight over London taking in sights like The London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and the iconic Tower Bridge is a fantastic and memorable experience. There are many fantastic companies offering heli tours of London, including The Big London Helicopter tour and VIP London Helicopter Tours.

  1. Paris Helicopter Tour

The city of love is even more beautiful from the sky. There are a variety of helicopter tours in Paris available, such as the Eiffel Tower Helicopter Tour taking in the iconic, elegance of the Paris skyline. Guests are also welcome to book a Custom Paris helicopter tour to go wherever their hearts desire. This is an ideal way to explore the magical city, with just about any area of this beautiful metropolis open for exploration.

  1. Amsterdam Helicopter Tour

Nothing quite beats views Amsterdam from a helicopter, with the unique beauty of the canals and the famous like the Royal Palace and the Anne Frank House making for a breathtaking tour. Companies such as Rotorfly Aviation and Dutch Public Flying offer some of the best helicopter tours of Amsterdam.

  1. Milan Helicopter Tour

This passionate Italian city is Italy’s second largest and yet the most bustling open urban region offering panoramic views from its skyscrapers and helicopter tours. Take an aerial tour of the city to explore both traditional and modern attractions such as the historic city center, Teatro alla Scala and the canals of Navigli as well as new sights such as Porta Nuova and the Citylife district.

  1. Vienna Helicopter Tour

Vienna is one of Europe’s most romantic cities and it offers some stunning views from the sky. From a bird’s eye perspective, you can the outline of the Ringstrasse, the Landstrasse area, and the iconic Vienna Opera House. There are some excellent helicopter tours over Vienna, such as Magic Vienna Helicopter Tours or Austria Classic Helicopter Tours, where you can choose from using a variety of different helicopters.

  1. Madrid Helicopter Tour

The Spanish capital of culture and class, Madrid is nothing short of exquisite from the sky. Those lucky enough to go on a helicopter tour of Madrid can take in the breathtaking view of the Prado Museum, Madrid Rio, the Royal Palace and more. Talisman Helicopters is well-known for offering excellent helicopter tours across Madrid.

Things to Consider  

• Prepare yourself mentally and physically before embarking on a helicopter tour. A little bit of motion sickness can happen if you’re not ready for a steep climb or descent.

• Make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Headphones will be provided for in-flight commentary over the intercom system, so it’s important to bring a sweater or jacket for the cold cabins in winter months.

• Make sure to arrive early for your tour as there are oftentimes many formalities to complete when it comes to flying high.

• Helicopter tours can range from 30 minutes to several hours, so it’s important to note how long the tour will be so that you can plan your day accordingly.

• Be prepared to capture the moment with your camera or phone. Many tours offer an aerial photographer to take pictures of the sites you’ve visited, but you may also want to take some shots yourself.

• To make the most of the helicopter tour experience, be sure to ask questions before and during the flight to learn more about the history, culture and architecture.

Safety Considerations  

When considering a helicopter tour of Europe, passengers should always keep safety in mind:

• Make sure to have all the right paperwork before your flight including weather reports, release forms and license documents.

• Make sure that the helicopters used for the tour are vetted for safety and that all of the equipment is in working order.

• Do some research on the tour operator to make sure that their pilots are experienced and certified.

• Make sure that the pilot is familiar with the airspace or course and understands any applicable air regulations or safety measures.

• Also, ensure that the helicopter tours of Europe adhere to any applicable local laws for airspace and noise regulations.

A helicopter tour of Europe is an unforgettable way to experience the continent’s awe-inspiring beauty. From the lush, green vineyards and rivers of Vienna to the spectacular views of Madrid and Paris, your helicopter tour is sure to be a truly special experience. By taking into account the safety and preparation considerations ahead of time, and knowing which tours are the best, you can take your exploration and sight-seeing to the next level, with amazing travel stories that you’ll be able to tell for years to come.