Vienna is well known for its stunning architecture and timeless beauty. From grand empire-era palaces to art deco theaters to ancient churches linked to some of Austria’s most influential figures, this city is a treasure trove for history and culture lovers. With so many amazing buildings and landmarks to take in, it’s no wonder Vienna is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Here are some of the most stunning buildings and landmarks that you need to visit during your next trip to Vienna.

The Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere Palace is one of Vienna’s most prized possessions. This Baroque-style palace was once the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy and is now home to the world’s largest collection of Gustav Klimt’s works, including the world-famous “The Kiss.” The palace complex is actually composed of two palaces, the Upper and Lower Belvedere, which are both surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains. Visitors can take a guided tour or explore the grand rooms on their own. No trip to Vienna would be complete without a visit to the Belvedere Palace.

The Hofburg Palace

Standing proudly in the heart of Vienna is the sprawling Hofburg Palace, the former imperial palace of the Habsburg monarchy. This massive palace complex consists of 18 wings, 19 courtyards, and more than 2,600 rooms. The palace is home to numerous museums, galleries and libraries, including the Vienna National Library and the National History Museum. It’s also the official residence of the President of Austria. The ornate architecture of the Hofburg Palace is simply breathtaking, and it’s a must-see attraction on your trip to Vienna.

Schonbrunn Palace

Built in the early 18th century, Schonbrunn Palace was once the summer home of the ruling Habsburg family and is now one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. It’s composed of a series of terraces, gardens, and fountains laid out in a formal baroque pattern. The palace itself consists of more than 1,400 rooms, most of which have been restored to their original imperial condition. Visitors can go inside and explore the many grandly decorated rooms and halls or simply stroll in the surrounding gardens, which are also home to the Vienna Zoo.

The Maria Teresa Square

The Maria Theresa Square is the grandest square in Vienna, located near the Hofburg Palace. The square is named after the former empress and dedicated to her many accomplishments. It’s ringed by imposing buildings and features a large equestrian statue of Maria Theresa. This square is the perfect place to sit and take in the stunning architecture of the surrounding cityscape.

The St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the most recognizable symbol of Vienna and the heart of the cathedral district. Built in the 12th century, this impressive church stands at for 447 feet tall and is home to numerous works of art. Be sure to check out the Catacombs and the nearby Peterskirche Church. This Gothic-style cathedral is especially stunning when it’s lit up at night.

The Kunsthistorisches Museum

The Kunsthistorisches Museum is one of the largest and most beautiful museums in Europe. It houses the Habsburg’s vast art collection and features works by some of the greatest European Old Masters, including Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and Titian. The museum also boasts a stunning interior and is home to the famous World Clock.

The Rathaus (City Hall)

The Rathaus is Vienna’s impressive city hall, located in the center of the city. This massive building was constructed in the late 19th century in the Neo-Gothic style and is one of Vienna’s most eye-catching landmarks. It’s topped with a grand clock tower, which dominates the city skyline. The Rathaus also houses a series of ornate halls, which are open for guided tours.

The Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt is Vienna’s largest and most beloved market, located on the banks of the Wien River. This colorful market has been around since the 16th century and today features more than 100 stalls offering a wide range of goods, from fresh produce to handmade souvenirs. Don’t miss the chance to explore the exotic aromas and sample the local specialties.


Karlskirche is one of the most impressive churches in Vienna, built in the early 18th century. This distinctive Baroque church is known for its impressive dome and ornate interior, as well as its two towers, which are crowned with gilded statues of the four evangelists. The Karlskirche is widely regarded as one of Vienna’s most beautiful buildings.

The Austrian Parliament Building

The Austrian Parliament Building is the seat of the country’s government and an impressive display of Neoclassical architecture. This grand building overlooks the Danube River and is surrounded by an ornate garden. It’s also home to an impressive collection of statues and other works of art.

The Giant Ferris Wheel

No trip to Vienna would be complete without a stop at the Giant Ferris Wheel. Standing tall at 213 feet, the Giant Ferris Wheel is one of the tallest ferris wheels in Europe. Located in the Prater amusement park, it offers breathtaking views of the city.

The Danube Tower

The Danube Tower is another must-see attraction in Vienna. Standing at 748 feet, it’s the tallest building in Austria and offers spectacular views of the Danube River. Inside, you’ll also find an observation deck, a restaurant, and an aquarium.

No matter what type of buildings and landmarks you’re interested in, Vienna has something for everyone. From Baroque palaces to art deco buildings to modern skyscrapers, there is no shortage of stunning structures and sites to explore in this beautiful city. Whether you have a day or a week to explore, Vienna is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.