What is Netherlands Famous for? 

Netherlands is a European country, sometimes referred to as Holland, with a rich history in science and the arts, as well as a vibrant culture and economy. The country is renowned for its focus on sustainability and environmental-friendly practices, as well as its culinary expertise and wonderful landscape. This article explores what makes the Netherlands famous and explores some of the most iconic sights and attractions throughout the country.

Geography and Climate 

Netherlands is located in Northwestern Europe, on the North Sea, bordering Germany and Belgium. With a total area of 41,543 square kilometres, Netherlands is the 32nd largest country in Europe by landmass. In terms of climate, the country experiences temperate maritime conditions, with warm summers and cool winters. Netherlands is well known for its unique geography – almost two-thirds of its land is below sea level!


The Dutch are famously noted for their passionate gardening culture, and are perhaps most well-known for their love of tulips. Tulips bloom in the spring in the Netherlands, and come in a wide variety of colours and varieties. Famous tulip festivals like Tulipomania and the Garden of Europe take place yearly to celebrate the beauty of the tulips that bloom each spring.


Another iconic symbol of the Netherlands is the Dutch windmill. Windmills are used to generate power and can be seen in many parts of the country. Windmills have been used in the Netherlands since the 16th century and many of the country’s windmills have been preserved and are still in use today. The iconic Kinderdijk windmill complex is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country, with 19 windmills in total.


Netherlands is home to a range of delicious culinary offerings. Stroopwafels, an iconic Dutch delicacy, consists of two thin waffle-like cookies filled with a syrup filling. Pannekoeken, or Dutch pancakes, are larger, thicker pancakes that are eaten for breakfast. The Dutch cuisine also includes poffertjes, a type of small, fluffy pancakes that can be consumed as a dessert or a snack.

Canals and Cycling 

The Netherlands is known for its intricate network of canals, with canals forming the main transportation route throughout the country. Many of the cities and towns feature rows of houses built along the canals, and there are many bridges connecting the various districts. Cycling is incredibly popular in the Netherlands, and 40 percent of the Dutch population cycles on a daily basis.


 For art-lovers, the Netherlands is known for its many world-class museums. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is world-renowned and houses collections of Dutch masters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt, as well as many paintings and sculptures from other nationalities. The Van Gogh Museum is also located in Amsterdam and showcases the works of Vincent Van Gogh, including his many self-portraits.

Edam, Gouda and Cheese 

Edam and Gouda are the two most popular types of cheese in the Netherlands. The cheese-making tradition has been practiced in the country for centuries and the Dutch take great pride in their cheese-making methods. Cheese markets are still held to this day, and are a great way to learn about Dutch cheese-making traditions and sample some of the delicious local produce.

Bicycling Events 

Bicycling is such a popular activity in Netherlands that the country is home to many famous bicycling events, such as the Tour de France, the Amstel Gold Race and the Eneco Tour of the Low Countries. The annual Dutch Marathon is also recognised throughout the world and attracts a large number of visitors to the Netherlands each year.

Food Fest 

The Netherlands is also well-known for its numerous food festivals, most notably the Amsterdam Food Festival which happens annually in August. The festival highlights the rich culinary tradition of the country and features offerings from all over the country, from small family-run stalls to large-scale restaurants.

Netherlands is well-known for its culture, architecture, gastronomy and politics. Its rich history and unique geography makes it one of Europe’s most unique and fascinating countries. From its iconic tulips and windmills to its fascinating museums, delicious cuisine and vibrant cycling culture, the Netherlands is a place every traveller should visit at least once!