What Makes a Good Dessert?

A delicious dessert is an unbeatable way to end any meal. But how do you make a winning dessert that everyone will love? Here, we outline some tips for ensuring your sweet treat is as perfect as possible.

Choosing an Appropriate Recipe for Your Skill Level

When it comes to creating a great dish, it’s important to choose a recipe that’s appropriate for your skill level. Test out a few recipes, and start with simpler ones before moving on to more complex pastries. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it perfect the first – or even the tenth – time. Baking is a skill you can keep honing and improving, just like any other craft!


One of the most important parts of any dessert recipe is knowing and selecting the right ingredients. Choose the freshest produce and avoid over-processed products when possible. Measure out all ingredients accurately and, if possible, use a kitchen scale rather than a cup or spoon.

Also think about the types of ingredients that you use. Use heavy cream or Nutella over pre-made cake mix, and lightly dust your finished product with powder sugar instead of topping it with an overly sweet glaze.

Consider Texture

When it comes to desserts, texture is just as important as taste. Try to create a biscotti or tart that offers different layers of textures, with crunchy nuts, a chewy center, and a light crust. Being aware of the texture of your dish will help ensure it is well-balanced and sophisticated.

A Signature Flavor

When creating a dessert from scratch, it’s essential to think about how the flavors will come together. Which flavors should be dominant and which ones should add an interesting afternote? Balance is important here, as is ensuring that flavors do not clash.

Here are some ideas for a signature flavor in your dessert:

• Chocolate – Whether dark, bittersweet, or white, chocolate always makes a great feature flavor in desserts.

• Fruit – You can blend or cook fruit in mixtures and make it the star of the dish.

• Spices or Herbs – Unusual spices, like cardamom or cinnamon, or herbs such as mint or lavender can add a great flavor kick to desserts.

Making Decorative Touches

Making a dessert presents the perfect opportunity to be creative and add decorative touches. This doesn’t mean you need to be a professional cake decorator; simple touches like chocolate shavings or dusted powder sugar are often enough. If you are feeling adventurous, though, you can top with icing, make dough flowers, or even create a unique design.

Creating an Extra Wow Factor

If you want to add an extra ‘wow’ factor to your dessert, you can consider adding a special touch. Fill a hollowed-out cake or tart with a shell full of bright-colored meringue, or give your cake an unexpected topping like a salted caramel sauce or fresh mint leaves.

Storing Your Dessert

Once you’ve created the perfect dessert, you will want to make sure it can be kept in the best condition for as long as possible.

Most desserts should be stored in the refrigerator, though some (such as meringues) are better left out in a cool place. If you are making a fruit-based dessert, make sure to add a layer of lemon juice onto the fruit before storing, to help keep it fresh-tasting for longer.

Making an Extra-Special Dessert

These tips for creating an outstanding dessert can help you make something that tastes amazing, looks beautiful and is sure to impress the family. With a bit of extra care, you can easily make a dessert that is sure to become a family favorite!