What to Do in Nuremberg?

Nuremberg is a city in Bavaria, Germany that’s filled with history, culture, and traditional German charm. This city is a great place to visit if you’re looking to learn more about German culture and history, and there are plenty of things to do. Here are some of the top attractions and activities that you’ll want to explore when you visit Nuremberg.

Historical Sites

Nuremberg was an important city during WWII, and many of these sites are very well preserved. Here are some of the top historical sites to visit when exploring the city:

• Imperial Castle: The Imperial Castle dates back 900 years to the 11th century and was used as a fortress and held the Imperial court. It was destroyed in 1945 during WWII, but was later reconstructed and partially restored. Now it’s a museum filled with artifacts from the 12th to the 16th centuries.

• Nazi Sites: Nuremberg was home to some of the most important Nazi-related sites, including the Nazi Party Rally Grounds, Hitler’s Documentation Center, and the Nuremberg Trials site. These sites provide a sobering look at this dark period of German history.

• The Documentation Center and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau: The Documentation Center and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau is one of the most important sites in Nuremberg. This is an emotional and educational experience where visitors can learn about the horrors of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Cultural Attractions

In addition to the historical sites, there are plenty of cultural attractions to visit in Nuremberg. Here are some of the most popular cultural attractions to check out:

• Germanic National Museum: The Germanic National Museum is one of the largest museums in Germany and is devoted to the history and culture of the German-speaking world. Here, you’ll find a diverse collection of art, artifacts, and objects from the past centuries.

• Sebalduskirche: The Sebalduskirche is a Protestant church founded in the Late Middle Ages that is home to some beautiful Baroque frescoes and stained-glass windows.

• Fleisch Bridge: The Fleisch Bridge is one of Nuremberg’s oldest bridges, and it’s full of charm and history. This lovely bridge is one of the most popular attractions in the city because of its beautiful, half-timbered houses that line the banks of the Regnitz River.


For all your shopping needs, head to the Hauptmarkt. This market is one of the most popular attractions in Nuremberg and is open every day except on Sunday. Here, you’ll find a variety of fresh produce, meats, handmade crafts, and more.


If you’re looking to sample some of Nuremberg’s delicious traditional dishes, then you won’t want to miss out on these popular eats:

• Nuremberg sausages: There’s something special about the sausages made in Nuremberg. These delicious sausages are made with marjoram, cumin, and caraway, giving them a unique flavor.

• Nuremberg Lebkuchen: These traditional biscuits are Nuremberg’s most famous sweet and come in a few different forms. The most popular type is the Elisenlebkuchen, which are a type of gingerbread made with almonds, honey, and spices.

• Apple Wine: Apple Wine is a type of beer made with apple cider and is brewed in the Franconian region of Germany, which is where Nuremberg is located. It’s a low alcohol beer, around 2%, and is a popular drink in the area.


When you’re finished exploring all the sights and attractions that Nuremberg has to offer, then head out to explore the nightlife. Here are some of the most popular bars, clubs, and lounges to experience when you’re in Nuremberg:

• Bierhof Rüders: The Bierhof Rüders is one of the most popular nightlife spots in Nuremberg. This traditional German-style bar is located in the old town, and it offers a wide selection of beer and delicious traditional snacks.

• Rockfabrik: For some live music and a great atmosphere, head over to the Rockfabrik. This club is dedicated to rock and metal music, and you can expect to see some amazing live performances from local and international acts.

• Dstrikt: Dstrikt is one of the most popular bars in Nuremberg. This bar has an eclectic atmosphere and offers craft beers and a great selection of drinks.

• Chandelier: For a slightly more upscale bar experience, head to the Chandelier. This bar offers an upscale atmosphere, creative cocktails, and amazing views of the city.

Nuremberg is a city with a history that dates back centuries, and it’s clear to see why. This city is full of culture, traditions, and delicious food. From historical sites to delicious snacks and lively nightlife, there are plenty of things to do when visiting Nuremberg. Whether you’re looking to explore the city’s history or sample the local food, you’re sure to find something to love in this beautiful city. So, don’t forget to check out all the great sights and attractions that Nuremberg has to offer!