Where to Stay in Salzburg: Best Areas and Neighborhoods  

When planning a trip to Salzburg, one of the most important decisions to make is where to stay. With its many attractions, finding the perfect place to stay in Salzburg can easily become overwhelming. Choosing the right area and neighbourhood, can make a world of difference between an exhausting and stressful vacation, and an enjoyable and memorable one.

This guide will help you decide on the best area or neighbourhood in Salzburg to lodge. We will discuss the most popular areas and provide information on the best and most interesting places to stay in each one.

Salzburg’s Enchanting Beauty  

Before looking into popular areas and neighbourhoods in Salzburg, let’s take a brief look at what makes this city so wonderful.

Salzburg lies close to the Austrian-German border, south of the Eastern Alps and dominates the Salzach River, with baroque architecture draped over rolling hills. Surrounded by the imperial facades, grand palaces and narrow cobblestone lanes are what make Salzburg a picture-perfect destination. There are many historical parts of the city, and most attractions are within walking distance.

The avant-garde music festival and Mozart’s childhood city offers an attractive landscape, and plenty of fine cuisines and cultural experiences. This city provides an intriguing history and vibrant culture, with its magnificent beauty and many attractions, making a perfect vacation for all.

Popular Areas and Neighbourhoods of Salzburg  


The picturesque valley of Katzvalley is located in western Salzburg, and is surrounded by mountains, green valleys, and lakes. This area is a great lodging spot for those looking for panoramic views. Spread across four municipalities, this valley boasts of a perfectly natural serenity, and offers a unique charm of the traditional Austrian villages, in addition to its world famous Christmas markets, ski resorts and other attractions.


Altstadt is the oldest and most popular neighbourhood in Salzburg, located in the heart of the city. This diverse area consists of narrow cobblestone alleyways, home to some of the trendiest bars and restaurants, museums, art galleries and shopping districts in Salzburg. Staying in Altstadt gives instant access to a lot of attractions, making it a great choice for those looking for the best of Salzburg experiences.


The residential neighbourhood of Hof, lies to the east of Salzburg. It is home to many quaint cafes and galleries. This charming area is also known for its communal gardens, historic churches and eclectic eateries. It is a quiet, peaceful area that offers a little bit of everything from great outdoor spaces to cultural landmarks.


Rudolfskai, is the student quarter of Salzburg and is located on the banks of the Salzach River. This trendy neighbourhood is home to some of the best places to eat and drink in the city. It is a popular spot for nightlife, especially for young locals. It is also home to an array of independent stores and galleries, making it an ideal place for young visitors looking to explore Salzburg in a hip and vibrant atmosphere.


Maxglan, is one of the most vibrant areas of Salzburg, especially in summer months. It lies to the south of the city and is known for its chic bars, boutique stores and nightlife. This neighbourhood is also home to some great cultural spots and Salzburg’s annual open-air cinema. It is an ideal destination for a unique atmosphere,for those looking for a great time on the weekend to explore the neighbourhood’s culture and attractions.


Nonntal is a family-friendly area located in the southwest of Salzburg. It is best known for its breathtaking views of the towering Hohensalzburg Castle. This neighbourhood also houses several universities, as well as some of Salzburg’s most iconic sites. It is a great neighborhood for those wanting to relax, shop and explore.

Best Places to Stay in Each Area  


• Hotel Berghof – is a five-star bed and breakfast, offering rustic and luxurious accommodations.

• Ali Haseeb’s Design Apartment– This is a designer apartment with three rooms, located just seven minutes from Salzburg’s Old Town.

• Zederbauer Landgasthof– This hotel is a centuries-old inn with rustic furnishings, a traditional Austrian restaurant, and views of the mountains.


• Hotel Am Mozartplatz– is a four-star hotel offering luxurious accommodations, located near Salzburg’s main attractions.

• Time and Place Apartment– This is a beautiful apartment located in the Ancient Town, with views of the city, close to the main attractions.

• Goldenes Theater Hotel– This is a four-star hotel, located within walking distance to the city centre and many museums.


• Johann-Hotel– is a four-star boutique hotel, offering traditional accommodations and a private art collection spread throughout.

• Salzburg Suites– This is a spacious two-bedroom apartment with amazing views of the city and Hohensalzburg Castle.

• City Loft Hotel– This is a modern hotel, offering upscale rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a stylish lounge.


• Sternheim Bed & Breakfast– is a traditional bed-and-breakfast, located in a historical building and just a few minutes from the city centre.

• Hotel Sacher Salzburg– This is a five-star hotel, located minutes from the Old Town, offering sophisticated and timelessly elegant accommodations.

• Park Inn by Radisson– This is a family-friendly hotel, offering spacious rooms and close proximity to Salzburg’s Old Town.


• Hotel Schwarzes Rössl– is a four-star hotel, offering modern and spacious apartments with views of the city and Hohensalzburg Castle.

• City-Room– This is a simple, yet perfectly central room, located in the city centre near the shopping district.

• Mozart Standard Hotel– This is a three-star hotel, offering comfortable rooms in the neighbourhood of Maxglan.


• Courtyard by Marriott Salzburg– is a four-star hotel, located in one of Salzburg’s most picturesque districts.

• Salzburg Suites– This is a spacious two-bedroom apartment close to many attractions, such as Museum and the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

• Sheraton Salzburg– This is a luxurious five-star hotel, offering upscale rooms with views of Salzburg and the scenic Alps.

When planning a vacation to Salzburg, finding the perfect accommodation is essential. There are plenty of neighbourhoods and areas to choose from and each offers something unique. Katzvalley provides panoramic views, Altstadt is in the heart of the city, Hof is residential and peaceful, Rudolfskai is great for nightlife and young visitors, Maxglan offers a vibrant atmosphere, and Nonntal is family-friendly and close to many attractions.

Regardless of the neighbourhood, Salzburg has something for everyone and will offer a wonderful experience. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious stay, an urban atmosphere or something in-between, there’s plenty of amazing hotels and apartments to choose from in some of the most beautiful areas in the city. So take your pick! And experience the best of Salzburg yourself.