The World’s Best Train Journeys

Exploring the globe by train can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Not only is it a chance to take a relaxing break from everyday life, but in many countries, it can also be a great way to discover the secrets, cultures and hidden gems of a region. Train travel is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures, see spectacular scenery and experience a unique journey. Here are some of the world’s best train journeys.

The Rocky Mountaineer

This stunning journey takes you through the Canadian Rockies and runs from Banff and Lake Louise in Alberta to the coastal city of Vancouver. While on the Rocky Mountaineer you’ll witness cascading glaciers, lush rainforest, waterfalls, wildflowers and stunning vistas. The train stops at places like the most important national park in Canada – Jasper National Park, and you can also enjoy a gourmet lunch while gliding through Kicking Horse Canyon.

The Royal Scotsman

The allure of the Royal Scotsman is no secret. This luxurious train experience is a journey of a lifetime. Offering panoramic views of some of the most unspoiled landscapes of Scotland, it takes you from the Highlands to Edinburgh and Glasgow. The atmosphere is second to none, designed with Victorian style with luxurious dinning car and cabins, providing you with an experience of pure indulgence and elegance.

The Ghan

The Ghan is an iconic journey from Adelaide to Darwin which serves as a celebration of Australia’s spirit of adventure. This railway line passes through the heart of Australia with stops in Alice Springs, Coober Pedy, Katherine and more. As you’re passing through the spectacular Australian Outback, you’ll see plenty of unique native wildlife, such as emus and kangaroos. This is the perfect journey for going off the beaten path and discovering Australia’s natural and cultural wonders.

The Grand Hibernia

Take a trip to Ireland’s remote and wild northwest coast with the Grand Hibernian train. You’ll start in Dublin and make your way to Killarney, where you’ll get to explore the incredible landscapes of rural Ireland, including hidden valleys and rolling hills. You’ll stop off in quaint Irish villages and experience some of the warmest hospitality around. The appeal of the Grand Hibernian is in discovering the small, often uninhabited places of rural Ireland, like the historic fishing village of Dingle, the Burren and the scenic Connemara area.

The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express takes you through four different countries – Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria – on a journey through the famous Bernina Pass to the Swiss city of Chur. While on the Bernina Express you’ll have the chance to take in some breathtaking views of the Swiss alps, picturesque villages, and more.

The Eastern & Oriental Express

The Eastern & Oriental Express train offers a luxurious and romantic trip from Bangkok to Singapore and vice versa. During this two-night trip, you’ll be treated to delectable meals and fine wines, and the wooden teak wood carriages will give the whole experience a classic circular charm. What really makes the Eastern & Oriental Express unique is its commitment to being a sustainable journey, with all ingredients sourced locally, and the restaurants being equipped with solar powered paneling.

The Caledonian Sleeper

The Caledonian Sleeper is a unique way of getting around in the UK and Europe. The train runs from London to Edinburgh, Fort William, Glasgow and Inverness. While on board, you’ll get to experience Scotland’s stunning lochs and Braemar. The train is also the perfect way to spot wildlife in the seaside towns and highlands of Scotland.

The Glacier Express

This train leaves from St. Morritz and takes you through 291 bridges, 91 tunnels, and across the Oberalp Pass in one incredible experience. Along the way, you’ll take in some of the most breath-taking panoramic views of the Swiss Alps. You’ll also pass through some of Switzerland’s most iconic towns such as Chur, Andermatt and Zermatt, as well as the world-famous Gornergrat mountain.

The Indian Pacific

The Indian Pacific is one of the world’s longest train journeys and it covers almost 4,352 kilometres (2,704 miles). On this epic two-night journey, you’ll travel from Perth to Sydney, passing through the majestic Blue Mountains and passing through some top tourist spots, such as the magnificent Kangaroo Valley and the gold rush towns of Cook and Broken Hill.

The Toyko to Hokkaido

If you love Japan, this train is for you. This all-day journey takes you from Tokyo to Hokkaido and it is a stunning experience. You’ll have time to take in the breathtaking views of the countryside, hills, and sea. The ride is so tranquil and peaceful. Once you arrive at Hokkaido, you’ll be able to explore the Hokkaido Forest Park and the beautiful city of Sapporo.

From and alpine expedition in the Swiss Alps to a sunny escape on the Indian Pacific in Australia, these are some of the best train journeys in the world. So the next time you want to get away, why not try a magical train ride and explore the world and its wonders?