Discovering Hidden Waterfalls on Canyoning Adventures

Canyoning is an exciting and extreme adventure activity, involving descending down natural watercourses through various different terrains, including waterfalls and precipices. Not all canyoning trips involve completing down waterfalls, but for those that do, the challenge of finding hidden, or lesser-known waterfalls is all part of the adventure.

What is Canyoning?

Canyoning typically takes place in remote uncrowded places, where adventure athletes can enjoy the beautiful scenery and practice their extreme sport of choice. Most routes involve making a descent through a river canyon, and may include abseiling down waterfalls, sliding down natural water slides and swimming in plunge pools.

Canyoning is suitable for those of all levels of fitness and experience and can be tailored to the individual or group’s needs. If you are after something more challenging, you can push yourself on more advanced routes which involve tackling bigger slides and pushing through tougher terrain. Or for those who are just looking for an adventure and a great day out, there are more relaxing routes with less technical routes, which offer much of the beauty, with a lower level of difficulty.

Importance of Doing Research Beforehand

Whilst finding hidden waterfalls is certainly part of the adventure, it shouldn’t be taken on lightly. When exploring nature, it is important to do research beforehand, which includes getting local knowledge, finding out the terrain and the conditions you can expect and understanding the limitations of the group, so that you can pick the right route for your group and have a safe and enjoyable time.

Researching and preparing for a canyoning trip also involves getting the right equipment, including an appropriate wetsuit, harness, helmet, gloves, shoes and any other accessories, such as a knife, that may be needed.

Advantages of Discovering Hidden Waterfalls

The advantage of discovering hidden waterfalls is that you get to explore some of the most stunning natural landscapes that the world has to offer, whilst also having the challenge of finding and conquering hidden waterfalls. What’s more, many of these waterfalls are only accessible through canyoning, making them even more special.

Typically, explorers will look for routes that give them the best chance of success in finding rarely-seen features. Waterfalls tend to be plentiful in areas that have a lot of rainfall, and so canyoning routes will often pick out areas that have seen recent downpours and are likely to have previously unseen waterfalls on offer.

For those looking for a more extreme adventure, tackling hidden waterfalls will certainly not disappoint. By researching and finding a suitable route, you can enjoy the journey and the thrill of tackling some exciting and lesser-known slides and waterfalls, with the back-drop of some of the most beautiful scenery the world has to offer.

Tips for Finding and Tackling Hidden Waterfalls

  1. Research the route. Before attempting a canyoning route it is essential to do plenty of research and to gain as much local knowledge as possible. Knowing the terrain will help you to pick the right route for your group or individual needs, and can also give you insight into any potential waterfalls that the route may take you too.

  2. Check the weather. Whilst some routes may require a higher level of technical knowledge and skill, for those looking for an easier canyoning experience, checking the weather can really help to increase your chances of finding and tackling hidden waterfalls. Recent rain will often result in there being more waterfalls on offer, as well as increasing the water levels and thus making it easier to tackle certain waterfalls.

  3. Stay safe. Tackling hidden waterfalls should not be taken lightly, and it is important to always take safety precautions. Always wear a wetsuit, helmet, harness and gloves and check the safety equipment regularly. Make sure that the group stay together, and keep an eye on those ahead and behind you. Be aware of the dangers and respect your surroundings.

  4. Have fun and enjoy. Canyoning is an adventure sport and should be enjoyed as such. Appreciate the beauty of the hidden waterfalls and the surrounding scenery and take the time to really listen and sense the environment you are in. Most of all, enjoy the journey and take on the challenge of tackling the hidden waterfalls in your path.

Tackling and discovering hidden waterfalls on canyoning adventures can be an incredibly rewarding experience. As long as you undertake the proper research beforehand, stay safe and keep an eye on the weather, you can look forward to taking on some exciting and lesser-known slides and waterfalls, backed by some of the most beautiful scenery the world has to offer.