Travel Selfies – How To Avoid Serious Injury 

Selfies have become a popular way of capturing memories while traveling. However, taken in the wrong circumstances, they can lead to serious injury and even be fatal. Here are some tips to keep in mind when taking travel selfies to avoid serious injury:

Obtain Permission

Before you take your selfie, make sure you obtain permission from any people who may be in the background. You could be charged with invasion of privacy or even trespassing if you fail to obtain permission before taking a selfie.

Choose Safer Areas

When taking a travel selfie, make sure you select an area that is safe from potential danger. Some places that may be unsafe and should be avoided include dangerous cliffs, roads, and railway lines.

Avoid Risky Behavior

When taking a selfie, make sure you don’t engage in any risky behavior. This includes standing in the middle of the road or attempting to take a risky pose on a precarious ledge.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

When posing, you should remain aware of your surroundings. Make sure to look around and be aware of any potential hazards. This includes keeping an eye out for animals, oncoming traffic, or unstable structures.

Use a Tripod

If you are looking to take a selfie from a more “professional” angle, consider investing in a tripod. A tripod could allow you to take selfies from angles that may otherwise be unsafe for you to take. This can help you take more creative shots.

Know Your Limitations

It’s important to understand the limits of your own abilities when it comes to taking selfies. If something seems like it’s going to be dangerous, don’t do it and think of an alternative way of getting the shot you want.

Stay Alert

While you’re taking your selfie, make sure to stay alert of your surroundings. Remain cognizant of any changes that may occur in the environment – such as the weather, the arrival of other people, or sudden loud noises.

Task a Companion

If possible, have a companion with you while taking selfies. This could provide an extra sense of safety and allow you to get help in the event of an accident.

Be Aware of Natural Hazards

When taking a selfie outdoors, take note of the weather and the surrounding area to ensure you’re not putting yourself in danger. Be aware of inclement weather, strong winds, and other natural hazards that could pose a threat to your safety.

Don’t Take Selfies While Driving

One of the most important rules to remember is to never take a selfie while you’re driving. Distracted driving can result in serious injury or death, and it’s important to always keep your eyes on the road when behind the wheel.

Listen To Warnings

Whenever you arrive in a new area, take note of the safety warnings that may be posted. Look out for signs that warn against dangerous activities or locations that may be out of bounds.

Wear the Right Gear

When you’re taking selfies outdoors, make sure you’re properly dressed. This could include wearing a helmet and other protective gear if you’re in a hazardous environment.

Trust Your Instincts

Lastly, always trust your instincts. If something feels dangerous or risky, don’t do it. Listen to the advice of your own gut feeling and you can save yourself from harm.

Taking the perfect travel selfie can be the highlight of any trip. However, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure you’re not putting yourself in a risky situation. By following the tips outlined above, you can make sure you come away with a great selfie that doesn’t put your safety at risk.