From Farm to Cup: Exploring Jakarta’s Best Coffee Shops  

For those who love coffee and want the finest quality brews, you’ll need to know where the best coffee shops are in Jakarta. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just starting out, you’ll find something to love from the gritty local cafes of Indonesia’s capital to the caffeine-fueled hidden gems tucked away in the back streets. Here’s a guide to the very best cafes and coffee experiences in Jakarta.

Discovering the Best Coffee in Jakarta  

Jakarta has quickly become one of the exciting coffee hubs of Southeast Asia, with a great selection of artisanal roasters and hardworking baristas crafting delicious specialty coffee. While there’s certainly a bit of a café boom in Jakarta, choosing the right spot to visit can be a daunting task. So, if you’re looking for the best cup of java in town, here’s a list of the most popular coffee shops in Jakarta.

The Coffee Library

Head to the Coffee Library at The Kasablanka Mall and join some of the most passionate and knowledgeable coffee professionals in Jakarta. The Coffee Library is a great example of the local specialty coffee scene, serving the freshest seasonal single-origin beans roasted by boutique roasters from all over Indonesia. The baristas are passionate and friendly, sharing their love for coffee with each and every guest.

Jakarta Coffee Collective

This tough-to-find coffee shop is located in the heart of Jakarta and is the perfect spot to explore some of the city’s best coffee. From the espresso-based drinks to the pour-over coffees, the Jakarta Coffee Collective offers a truly unique coffee experience to its visitors. The espresso drinks are carefully crafted with precision and artistry, while the pour-over coffee is made with impeccable attention to detail.

Origin Coffee Roasters

For coffee enthusiasts and home brewers who are looking to get their hands on some of the best café-grade java in Jakarta, Origin Coffee Roasters is just the ticket. Origin serves up a selection of coffee roasted in-house and provides coffee brewing classes for beginners. The coffee shop was founded by husband-and-wife duo who are devoted to helping coffee lovers learn more about the culture and craft of coffee.


If you’re looking for a cafe with a laid-back atmosphere, then Doboism is the place to go. Located in the eastern part of Jakarta, this cozy cafe is part specialty coffee shop, part second-hand record store. Enjoy a cup of freshly roasted coffee and browse through the collection of classic vinyl records and rare finds.

The Finest Coffee Brewing Techniques  

Great coffee begins with the right brewing technique. Here’s a look at some of the brewing techniques that are commonly used in the cafes around Jakarta.


Espresso is perhaps the most popular brewing method in specialty cafes around the world. To make espresso, baristas use an espresso machine to force hot water through a tightly packed layer of coffee grounds and extract the flavor of the coffee in a matter of seconds.


The Aeropress is a manual brewing device that’s become increasingly popular among coffee lovers. The device uses a piston to push hot water through a filter packed with coffee grounds, allowing you to make quick and delicious cups of coffee.


The Chemex is a favorite among the pour-over aficionados. This hourglass-shaped brewing device is easy to use and produces a bright and flavorful cup of coffee.

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is a popular way to make coffee without the need for an espresso machine or special brewing device. All you need is coffee grounds, a mason jar, and some cold water. Keep it in the fridge overnight and you’ll have a delicious cup of coffee in the morning.

French Press

The French press is a simple coffee brewing device that’s been around for decades. To make a cup of coffee with a French press, you’ll need to pour hot water over coffee grounds and steep for a few minutes until the desired strength is achieved.

Sustainability Practices for Brewing Coffee  

Sustainability plays an important role in the specialty coffee industry. Here are some practices cafes in Jakarta are taking to ensure that their coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced.

Direct Trade

Direct trade is a practice of connecting specialty coffee farmers directly to coffee shops, providing them with a stable and fair price for their coffee. This creates an equitable partnership that benefits both farmers and coffee shops.

Fair Trade Certifications

Fair trade certifications are becoming increasingly popular in specialty cafes. These certifications ensure that farmers are receiving fair wages and that workers are receiving safe working conditions.

Organic Practices

Organic certification guarantees that farmers grow and process their coffee without using any hormones, pesticides, or artificial ingredients. It is also beneficial for the environment, as organic practices help to protect the soil, air, and water.

Recyclable and Compostable Packaging

More and more cafes are beginning to switch to compostable and recyclable packaging such as paper cups or bags, which help to reduce their environmental footprint.

When it comes to enjoying the best cup of coffee, there’s no substitute for a visit to Jakarta’s specialty coffee shops. From traditional espresso to sustainable single origin brews, you’ll find something to satisfy every type of coffee drinker. So whether you’re a certified barista or a casual java lover, be sure to check out the best cafes in Jakarta and explore the world of specialty coffee.