For lovers of desserts, Buenos Aires is a real paradise. As the capital of a country that loves to eat, it should come as no surprise that the quality of the city’s patisseries comes together to create something incredibly special. Whether you’re looking for an exotic crepe or tart au citron, the legendary bakeries of Buenos Aires have something to offer all dessert lovers. 

So, in this article, we’ll explore the top patisseries in Buenos Aires—all of which are worth a visit.

The Best Patisseries in Buenos Aires

With over twenty patisseries found in the city, finding delicious dessert in Buenos Aires is never a problem. Here’s a look at some of the best spots to find amazing cakes and pastries:

  1. Havanna

Since the 1950s, Havanna has been serving some of the most classic pastries in Buenos Aires. From como sugared alfajores (the traditional dulce de leche sandwich cookies) to brownies, there’s something for everyone. Of course, if you’re there, you probably want to try their famous medialunas con dulce de leche. Tartina de mango is also worth considering.

  1. Factore

Straddling the old port district of Puerto Madero, Factore is the perfect place for a sweet snack. At Factore, you’ll have a chance to experience the traditional Argentine empanada. However, you should go for their specialty which is the Banoffee Pie. It’s made with freshly peeled banana slices, toffee and whipped cream—and it tastes so good.

  1. CholAdventure

CholAdventure is the kind of place where it’s hard to decide which pastry to order first. From tres leches to nutella and banana crepés, they have something for everyone. Though they have quite a lot of amazing desserts, it’s their churro with chocolate that truly stands out.

  1. Moo Easy

Moo Easy is the perfect place to get ice cream and pastries. Their Dulce de Leche-filled doughnuts are utterly delicious and you can opt to have them served with whip cream, a drizzle of honey or even sprinkles. Other amazing desserts in the menu include helado de fruita and tarta Lemmon Meringue Pie.

  1. Pasteleria Arroyo

Eating in Pasteleria Arroyo is an experience like no other. From egg tarts and banana bread to coffee or tea-flavored cakes, the flavors are plenty. The true highlight, however, is the pastel arrollado, which is a rolled cake with dulce de leche, cream and espresso-flavored meringue.

Tips for the Best Dessert Experience in Buenos Aires

When on the search for the sweetest eats in Buenos Aires, it pays to keep the following tips in mind:

– Get creative with combinations – Some of the best desserts in Buenos Aires have to be made with a combination of flavors. Whether you’re looking for an ice cream sundae with different types of ice cream, or a tart with multiple layers of cream and fruits, you can always create your own combinations.

– Don’t skip out on the alfajor – Alfajores are a classic Argentine confection – plain, soft cookies filled with sweet dulce de leche. You’ll find them in almost every patisserie, so make sure to add one to your order.

– Go for the local flavors – Buenos Aires is known for using unique, local ingredients like caramelized peanuts, conchas and queques, even for its pastries. Make sure to try something new and unusual—you won’t be disappointed.

– Check the hours – Bakery hours in Buenos Aires can be unpredictable, so make sure to check the opening hours before you plan your dessert hunt.

Buenos Aires is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. With dozens of unique patisseries scattered throughout the city waiting to be discovered, it can be a daunting task to find the best desserts. As such, it pays to keep in mind the tips and tricks outlined above when searching for desserts in Buenos Aires. Then you’ll be sure to have the best possible experience when exploring all the incredible cakes, tarts, and pastries the city has to offer.