How to Spend Few Days in Vancouver Outdoors

Vancouver is one of Canada’s most spectacular and diverse cities. With its beautiful coastline, lush forests, and year-round outdoor accessibility, it’s the perfect destination for vacationers looking to spend some time outdoors. Here is everything you need to know about exploring Vancouver outdoors for a few days.

What to Pack for the Trip

Before heading off on your outdoors adventure, make sure to pack the essentials such as extra clothes, comfortable walking shoes, waterproof layers, and a basic first aid kit. For hikes and outdoor trails, packing a map and a compass is recommended. Additionally, don’t forget to bring along your sense of adventure and curiosity, as Vancouver offers so much to explore.

Where to Stay

Vancouver is blessed with plenty of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you prefer camping or booking a hotel or Airbnb, there is no shortage of places to stay in the city. For those looking to fully embrace the outdoors experience and to get closer to nature, camping is a great option, with provincial stakes offering camping facilities and gorgeous views.

Things to Do

Now, let’s explore some of the great activities you can take part in during your stay in Vancouver.


Vancouver is a great city to explore by bike, giving you the opportunity to see it from a different perspective without the need of motor vehicles. You can either rent a bike or simply bring yours from home. If you are looking for some good routes and trails, some of the best ones can be found along the Seawall, which runs for almost 28 kilometers and is located around Stanley Park.


What better way to experience the wonders of the city than to take part in one of its most popular outdoor activities, hiking? With its healthy outdoor ecosystem, Vancouver offers some spectacular trails to all active explorers. Some of the must-see trails in the city include the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Sea to Sky Trail, and the Capilano River Regional Park.


If you are looking for a more relaxing and exciting way to explore Vancouver, kayaking is the perfect option. Vancouver’s greens and blues blend together spectacularly along some of the best kayaking routes in the city, such as Deep Cove, Granville Island, and English Bay.


The stunning landscape of Vancouver makes for some great skiing opportunities. Some of the most popular ski resorts in the area include Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain. Both of these facilities offer plenty of runs and slopes with stunning views of the nearby ocean, making for a memorable skiing experience.

Things to See

Vancouver is home to many attractions, so spending a few days outdoors gives you the opportunity to explore some of the city’s must-see sights. If you are in town for a few days, these attractions are definitely worth spending some time on.

Stanley Park

Located along the seawall at the city’s downtown core, the ever-popular Stanley Park is the most popular attraction in the city. With its 400-hectare area, it’s home to a variety of recreational activities, such as cycling and hiking. The park’s main point of reference is the iconic 9 o’clock gun, which has been in place since 1894 and fired every day at 9 pm.


Vancouver’s iconic and historical Gastown neighborhood is a must-see for all visitors. With its cobblestone alleys and colonial architecture, visitors can explore the area on foot and visit its variety of public art sculptures, outdoor shows, cultural festivals, and trendy shops.

Granville Island

Located in False Creek, Granville Island offers a variety of things to do for all. From its ever-popular Public Market, to its cafes, bookshops, and galleries, Granville Island has something for everyone. The island is also great if you are looking for a stroll outdoors, as it offers plenty of walks through its pedestrian-only streets.

So there you have it. Whether you are planning to stay in Vancouver for a few days, or just passing through, you don’t want to miss out on these amazing outdoors opportunities. With plenty to explore, see, and do in the city, there is no shortage of ways to experience its diverse and beautiful culture while embracing a sense of adventure. So pack your bags, grab your map and compass, and discover the great outdoors of Vancouver.