Iceland’s Most Breathtaking Road Trips

Iceland is a sincerely charming, wild, and awe-inspiring country known for its unique natural features, picture-perfect landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. One of the best ways to experience the diverse beauty of Iceland is through a road trip. For the intrepid traveler, a road trip in Iceland is a fantastic way to explore the country and its breathtaking landscapes at one’s own pace, imbuing a sense of exploration and discovery that is hard to find elsewhere. To that end, here are ten of the most breathtaking road trips you can take in Iceland.

Route 1: Driving the Ring Road

The Ring Road, or Route 1, is the definitive road trip of Iceland, a legendary journey of roughly 1,300 miles that circumnavigates the entire country. Keep in mind that driving the Ring Road takes multiple days, so make sure you have plenty of time and plan your trip accordingly. Along the way, you will see everything that makes Iceland so special: rugged volcanoes, fjords, majestic waterfalls, glaciers, geothermal hotspots, and more.

Route 2: South Coast of Reykjavik

The South Coast of Reykjavik is an incredibly scenic and easy-to-navigate road trip from the city of Reykjavik. Starting from Reykjavik, this route will take you across the south coast of Iceland, where you will be met with rolling hills of wildflowers, majestic fjords, and enchanting geothermal hotspots. Notable stops along the way include the beautiful Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, the breathtaking Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, and the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara.

Route 3: East Fjords

The East Fjords of Iceland, often referred to as the “Forgotten Fjords,” are a lesser-visited area of Iceland, but one that is still packed with natural wonders. A road trip along the East Fjords will take you along winding roads and cliffside overlooks with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. Be sure to make stops along the way at the remote Djúpivogur village, the Jökulfirdir Nature Reserve, and the magnificent Seyðisfjörður fishing village.

Route 4: West Fjords

The West Fjords of Iceland are considered to be one of the most breathtaking road trips in Europe. As you drive along the rugged coastline, you will be met with majestic fjords, cascading waterfalls, geothermal hotspots, and stunning wildlife. Notable stops along the way include the Dynjandi and Hornstrandir Nature Reserves, the stunning Arnarfjördur fjord, and the home of the Draugasetur Sea Monster Museum.

Route 5: Northern Peninsula

One of the most unique and breathtaking road trips in Iceland is that of the northern peninsula. Here, you will find yourself immersed in a landscape of rolling hills, majestic glaciers, and volcanic hot springs. Notable stops along the way include the Skálanes Nature Reserve, the Súlnaskarð and Kolugljúfur canyons, and the Ásbyrgi National Park.

Route 6: Westman Isles

The Westman Islands, or Vestmannaeyjar, are an archipelago of 15 islands situated just off the southern coast of Iceland. Taking a road trip to the Westman Islands offers a truly unique experience, as you will not only be surrounded by breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and volcanoes, but have the opportunity to observe an abundant amount of wildlife, including over one million puffins.

Route 7: Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is one of the most iconic and easily accessible road trips in Iceland. Taking no more than a few hours, this route encompasses some of the most stunning and renowned natural attractions, including the beautiful Gullfoss Waterfall, the active Geysir Geothermal Area, and the majestic Thingvellir National Park.

Route 8: Highlands

The Highlands of Iceland are a haven for outdoor recreation, boasting craggy mountains, wild glaciers, and shimmering iceberg-filled lakes. This road trip will take you along the Kjölur Highlands route and then along the Sprengisandur route, both of which provide stunning views of the wilderness as you traverse vast open plains and rocky mountainscapes.

Route 9: Husavik

The Nature Reserve of Husavik is a stunning natural wonderland located on the north coast of Iceland. A road trip here will take you across winding roads, across plains, and over bridges, culminating in breathtaking views of the beautiful Husavik Bay and Aurora Borealis.

Route 10: Snaefellsnes

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula, often referred to as Iceland in Miniature, offers a wealth of adventures and experiences through its wealth of landscapes, including vast lava fields, majestic glaciers, pristine beaches, and rolling green hillsides. Notable stops along the way include the Snaefellsjokull National Park and the incredible rock formations of Djúpalónssandur.

A road trip through Iceland is an absolute must for any traveler looking for an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely drive across the countryside or an epic multi-day journey, Iceland’s astounding natural beauty is sure to leave you speechless. So if you’re looking for an escape from the mundane, there’s no better place than Iceland to embark on a truly breathtaking road trip.