Is Tijuana Safe to Travel?

The idea of traveling to Tijuana, Mexico may fill some travelers with a sense of intrigue and adventure, while others may shudder at the thought of it due to it’s seemingly dangerous and tumultuous reputation. Unfortunately, this has been the case for some time now, as the area has had its share of issues. However, its important to remember that it is an area that is a key destination to many, and there are precautions and measures to be taken to enjoy the cultural, historical and amazing culinary delights that the city has to offer.

What the Latest Data Says

Ideally, when deciding whether or not to travel to a certain city, it is important to review safety statistics. According to Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, Tijuana ranks as the 6th most violent city in the world. In 2018, this city reported cases of homicide at a rate of 127.37 per 100,000 inhabitants. In 2016, Tijuana was recognized as Mexico’s most violent city, but it is important to note that, since 2019, the numbers have decreased.

Tijuana’s Best Areas

When it comes to safety, travelers should stay away from the undesirables parts of town. Additionally, tourists should not police themselves or take any risks that could be damaging or damaging to their safety. Generally, they should keep to the nice parts of town such as the beaches, the tourist zone, downtown and the bustling Zona Rio.

What Precautions Do Travelers Need To Take

When it comes to safety, travelers should keep certain things in mind:

• Stay aware of your surroundings, always travel with a buddy, and avoid walking alone at night.

• Do not carry large amounts of cash with you when you are out exploring – instead, use credit cards and ATMs so that cash doesn’t become a target for any pick pocketers.

• Don’t openly display any valuables or jewelry, keep your passport stored away safely, and keep a photocopy of your passport in a secure place.

• Make sure you are aware of your health insurance coverage and the insurance you might need when traveling.

• Use common sense when it comes to alcohol consumption – don’t overindulge and always keep an eye on your drink.

• Exercise caution when crossing the US-Mexico border and avoid any suspicious activity or unregulated areas.

Tips to Enjoy a Pleasant and Safe Trip

• For a pleasant and safe trip, you should always only travel during daylight hours, so you can take in some of the cities beauty.

• Take advice from locals, no matter how unlikely it may seem – they have their finger on the pulse of the city.

• Take your time when walking around and avoid any suspicious-looking individuals. Follow your intuition and be sure to be in a public place when out and about.

• Avoid unprotected taxis and opt for authorized taxis, which have the logo of the state Puebla on the doors and fronteras.

• If you’re feeling hungry, try the street food, which is generally very safe to eat.

• Be sure to check out the Galerias Hipodromo, which offers plenty of entertainment for the night owls, as well as upscale shopping for those who prefer to shop.

• If you want to leave the city for a day, hop on a bus and explore the nearby beaches.

• And finally, don’t forget to enjoy everything from the delicious tacos to the street art – if you’re adventurous, you can even try your hand at fishing!

Tijuana may no longer receive the best reputation when it comes to safety, but with the right precautions and awareness, travelers can still enjoy the city’s delicious cuisine, culture, sights, and of course, its nightlife. Be vigilant, stick with the great parts of town, and don’t leave any valuables in sight, and you can have a great time!