Private Islands and Exclusive Villas: The Epitome of Luxury Travel  

Finding the perfect vacation is the ultimate goal for many looking to escape the realities of everyday life and enjoy some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation in an idyllic setting. For those looking to take the concept of a luxurious holiday to the next level, a stay on a private island or an exclusive villa is the perfect way to do it.

From indulging in a remarkable beachfront oasis to discovering a vibrant secluded tropical paradise, the options for luxury travel are seemingly endless. Offering exclusivity, privacy, and comfort, the villas and islands available to rent, provide a degree of high-class extravagance with a sprinkle of opulence. What better way to immerse yourself comprehensively in the essence of a destination and enjoy the exclusive homage to luxury travel, that a private island or exclusive villa creates.

What to Expect from a Private Island or Exquisite Villa Rental  

When it comes to exclusive villa and private island rentals, travelers will find a variety of amenities and comforts to indulge in, providing an experience tailored to their individual needs. The level of luxury available to guests will vary from each villa and island, but the general consensus of resort activities, excursions, fine dining, captivating views, and concierge services will remain.

Unlimited Amenities

For starters, guests of both rental properties will enjoy unlimited amenities with their stay. Most villa’s are fitted with outdoor swimming pools, al fresco dining, complimentary 5-star spa treatments, expansive gyms and Xbox or Playstation gaming rooms. To top off the luxurious amenities, personalized concierge services are provided, ensuring that all of your needs are met with seamless efficiency.

On top of this, private beaches and guaranteed access to waterfront resources are common features across islands. Larger islands will include golf courses, snorkeling and scuba diving sites, yacht rentals, and beachfront fitness activities. For more extravagant escapes, Oceana’s team can arrange for theater productions, mini-concerts, and art galleries within a villa.

Mesmerizing Views

Away from the amenities, guests are able to enjoy mesmerizing views from either their private island or exclusive villa. With select rentals, guests can choose from the entire hillside of the villas or the coastline of the island rental. To ensure the ultimate backdrop to your stay, most rentals are framed by turquoise waters and expansive stretches of sand.

In addition, the islands and villas selected for rent by Oceana, include a guided tour of the nearby natural features. From breathtaking waterfalls to momentous fjords, travelers can relax knowing they have access to expert knowledge of the local surroundings.

Accompanied by Incredible Service

Regardless of the location, guests of either a villa or private island will enjoy the highest standards of personalized service. From the moment guests arrive, they will be met with immaculate finishing touches and top-of-the-line luxury. Furthermore, the in-house staff at each rental ooze hospitality with a commitment to attaining the highest of guest satisfactions.

In-house chefs are available to channel personalized websites with specialized menus, depending on dietary requirements. From continental breakfasts to themed evening dinners, guests can expect the very best cuisine to accompany their stays.

Private Rentals from Around the World  

Most people would be surprised to learn that 42% of the world’s privately-owned islands are found off the coast of China, with the Caribbean and other parts of Southeast Asia following close behind. Nevertheless, wherever travelers venture to, ultimate exclusivity and privacy is the key factor of the villas and islands available to rent.

Below are a few of the finest villas and islands around the world available to rent:

Caribbean Villas

Whether it be in St. Lucia, Jamaica, or Anguilla, the Caribbean is a destination famously renowned for its pristine villas and private islands. Relax and rewalds with a trip to the Caribbean, where the renowned Golden Rock Estate sits, in Nevis.

This five-bedroom home rests on 45-acres, with unparalleled views of the beach and 740-feet of secluded white sand.

Como Shambhala Estate

For a luxurious villa experience like no other, the award-winning Como Shambhala Estate, in Bali, Indonesia is the exclusive getaway for individuals and couples alike. To ensure complete privacy, serenity and indulgence, villas are backed by a Balinese jungle and located just an hour away from Denpasar International Airport.

Totem House

For those looking to explore Southern Africa, the Eastern Cape Wilderness is the perfect starting point. Totem House, in St Lucia, offers guests premier luxury and a magically tranquil atmosphere. With five sprawling bedrooms, a large fenced garden, modern amenities, and a salt-water pool, secluded memories are made in this private recreational paradise.

Aleva Estate

Immerse yourself in opulence at Aleva Estate, located on Korčula Island, Croatia. This chic and fashionable villa glows with modern décor and is continuously washed with the warmth of the sun. An open-plan lounge, salted-water swimming pool, hot tub and private beach, ensure memorable vacation experiences for all who visit.


One of the world’s most exclusive private islands is located in the Greek Islands and is named Mystique. Set across three interconnected islands, Mystique offers awe-inspiring 180-degree views of the Aegean Sea and captures the majestic Santorini sunset with its glass front walls.

It isn’t hard to see why so many joy-seekers are looking to indulge in the unparalleled experience of luxurious villas or private islands. With the plethora of amenities, mesmerizing views, and high-end service, renting a villa or a private island is the perfect way to take your vacation guide to the next level. Private islands and exclusive villas truly are the epitome of luxury travel.