Hip Hangouts: The Coolest Bars in Edinburgh for Trendsetters

Edinburgh is a city full of history, culture, and most importantly, fun! Whether you are looking for hip and trendy bars to hang out with friends or have a great time partying, there are plenty of choices to keep you entertained. For trendsetters and people in the know, we’ve rounded up the coolest bars in Edinburgh that will make you the envy of all your friends.

Drinking and Dancing at the Nightclubs

For the ultimate night out, Edinburgh offers you a wide range of clubs and bars just waiting to be explored. As one of the most exciting cities in the UK, these popular spots have plenty to offer. Here are the hottest clubs and bars in Edinburgh:

• Number One – For the ultimate party atmosphere and a truly unforgettable night out, head to Number One, one of the best nightclubs in Edinburgh. Here you will be able to enjoy amazing drinks and dance the night away on their three floors.

• Cabaret Voltaire – This Edinburgh staple, is a great place for those who want to embrace alternative culture. Offering three rooms and an outside courtyard, cabaret Voltaire is sure to surprise and delight.

• 53 Degree – Boasting a unique twist, 53 Degree is the perfect place to take your friends for some pre-club drinks and dancing. Here you can watch the DJs from the V.I.P balcony or switch to the techno and trance floor for some serious bass-bothering.

• The Caves – Step back in time and visit this medieval-style club for a night you won’t forget. With live music and DJs, The Caves’ underground venue is perfect for letting loose and enjoying the night.

Sippin’ Something Sophisticated in a Classy Pub

Edinburgh is home to a variety of pubs. Whether you want to grab a quick bite or enjoy a few pints with friends, you are sure to find a pub that suits your tastes. Why not try a few of these sophisticated pubs in Edinburgh?

• Whiski Rooms – As one of the oldest whisky bars in Edinburgh, the Whiski Rooms has a great selection of whisky, beer, and food. Enjoy their selection of classic Scottish and international whisky or have a bite to eat in their spacious bar.

• Bramble – This trendy bar serves craft drinks and great food. Enjoy a variety of cocktails, beer, and wine – as well as a great selection of Scottish and European food. Bramble Bar is sure to put a spark into your evening.

• Port of Leith – Situated in the port of Leith, this pub is renowned for its selection of ales and craft beers from all over the world. Let your taste buds travel and explore an assortment of wines, spirits, and specialty cocktails.

• Brewdog Edinburgh – Located in the city centre, Brewdog Edinburgh is a hip and modern bar that serves a delicious selection of craft beer. While you are there, check out their events and weekly specials for some great deals.

Drink and Dine in an Elegant Luxury Venue

For something a bit more luxurious, Edinburgh boasts some of the most stunning bars and high-end venues. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner or a night of luxurious pampering, these unique venues are sure to deliver.

• The Dome – Nestled in the heart of the city centre, The Dome is an iconic bar, restaurant and luxury venue. Enjoy a variety of delicious dishes, exquisite drinks and great events.

• The Raeburn – This chic bar and restaurant is located in Stockbridge, north of the city centre. Offering delicious food and an extensive drinks menu, The Raeburn is the perfect place for a romantic date or a night out with friends.

• Ondine – Located on George IV Bridge, Ondine is an award-winning seafood restaurant. Enjoy their décor and amazing seafood, from oysters to shellfish, and end the night with a delicious drink.

• Tigerlily – Take a night out with your friends to the luxury bar and restaurant, Tigerlily. Here you can enjoy a delicious selection of food and drinks and sip your favourite cocktails in their stunning venue.

Live Music Venues to Feel the Beat

Edinburgh is known for its vibrant music scene. Check out these popular venues for a night of live music and fun.

• The Liquid Room – Situated on Victoria Street, The Liquid Room is one of the city’s best venues for live music and gigs. The vibes here are out of this world, with big names in different genres like hip-hop, indie, punk and pop.

• The Jam House – This lively venue is amazing for blues, soul and funk music. With great drinks, tasty food and a range of live music, The Jam House is the go-to place for a night of entertainment with your friends.

• Electric Circus – An old favourite, Electric Circus is the perfect place for an evening of lively music and fun. They have one of the best sound systems in town and are always filled with locals and tourists alike.

• Sneaky Pete’s – This underground club has been around for a few decades and continues to attract people with its daily live performances and great atmosphere. Popular with students and music fans, Sneaky Pete’s definitely lives up to its name.

The Best Bars in Edinburgh for Trendsetters

Edinburgh bars are full of surprises and are sure to have you revisiting again and again. From luxury venues to popular pubs, give these bars a try and you won’t be disappointed. Remember to check out the following bars for a wonderful and unforgettable night out: Number One, Cabaret Voltaire, 53 Degree, The Caves, Whiski Rooms, Bramble, Port of Leith, Brewdog, The Dome, The Raeburn, Ondine, and Tigerlily. Looking for live music and entertainment? Make sure to swing by The Liquid Room, The Jam House, Electric Circus, and Sneaky Pete’s. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next night out in Edinburgh and don’t forget to try out these hip hangouts.