The Ultimate Guide To Being an Airbnb Courtesy Guest: All the Things You Need to Do Before You Check Out 

Airbnb is one of the most popular and affordable ways to travel, explore, and have unique and authentic experiences. However, Airbnb requires that its guests be courteous and respect the space and property in which they are staying, as do most other accommodations. To ensure that your experience and the experiences of future Airbnb guests are positive, it is important to be aware of – and follow – the duties expected of an Airbnb Courtesy Guest.

What Is an Airbnb Courtesy Guest? 

An Airbnb Courtesy Guest is an individual who books an Airbnb and follows all of the property owner’s instructions and expectations. Courtesy guests are expected to abide by local laws and regulations, honor the property rules stated in the rental agreement, and treat the host’s home as they would their own.

Why Does Being an Airbnb Courtesy Guest Matter? 

When you choose to stay in an Airbnb as opposed to a hotel, you are likely attracted to the homey vibe, uniqueness, and affordability that the rental promises. It’s likely that your host is counting on your help in preserving their rental space and are trusting you to take care of it during your stay. It is important to honor that trust by being an Airbnb Courtesy Guest, so that future guests can continue to enjoy the same positive experience that you had.

What to Do Before Leaving an Airbnb Rental 

This list comprises of the most important things to do before leaving your Airbnb rental in order to be an Airbnb Courtesy Guest:

  1. Double-Check for Personal Belongings:
    The most important thing for an Airbnb Courtesy Guest is to make sure that you haven’t left any personal belongings behind in the rental. After you have packed up your bags, take a minute to check the common rooms and bedrooms to make sure that nothing was overlooked or forgotten. It is also a good idea to go through each room one last time to make sure that all of the windows and doors are closed, and to make sure that nothing was damaged in any way during your stay.

  2. Dispose of Trash Properly:
    The next step for the Courtesy Guest is to take out the trash and make sure that all of the garbage has been disposed of properly. If the rental is left with excess amounts of trash, it can have a negative effect on the next guest’s experience. Therefore, it is important to make sure all trash has been collected and disposed of in the appropriate exterior receptacle.

  3. Return Furniture and Appliances to Original Positions:
    Many Airbnb hosts prefer that their furniture and appliances remain in their original locations. Therefore, Courtesy Guests should make sure that all furniture, appliances, and décor items that may have been moved during their stay are returned to where they were originally placed.

  4. Clean Up the Kitchen:
    Kitchens are the most likely spot in an Airbnb rental to get dirty or messy over the course of a stay. To be an Airbnb Courtesy Guest, it is important to not just clear away dirty dishes, but to also clean the countertops and sink. All ovens, refrigerators, afstovetops,and microwaves should be wiped down and cleaned thoroughly before check-out.

  5. Strip the Beds and Wash Linens:
    Courtesy Guests should strip and remake the beds with all clean linens and blankets before leaving. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it may be helpful to reduce the risk of disease and virus transmission. If there are extra blankets or pillows that have been used, use the provided laundry basket to put all of the used linens into and leave them for the host.

  6. Check and Dust Surfaces:
    As a Courtesy Guest, it is important to check for any dust or surface debris and vacuum the floors if needed. Use a damp cloth or the cleaning supplies provided to wipe down any surfaces that were used – such as countertops, tables, and dressers.

  7. Disinfect Common Areas:
    Commonly used areas in the Airbnb rental, like the bathroom or living room, should be wiped down with disinfectant. This is another key area of being an Airbnb Courtesy Guest, as it assures the next traveler that germs and other potential hazards have been eliminated.

  8. Empty the Refrigerator:
    Before leaving the rental, Courtesy Guests should make sure that the refrigerator is emptied and cleaned. This includes throwing away all perishables, wiping down the shelves and walls, and removing all food particles.

  9. Leave Positive Feedback:
    Before checking out of an Airbnb, the Courtesy Guest should leave the property in the same condition that it was in upon their check-in. After doing all the above steps, it is important to leave kind, truthful, and positive feedback for thehost and the rental property.This will help encourage more individuals to stay at the Airbnb, as well as give future guests a good understanding of what to expect.

Being an Airbnb Courtesy Guest is a great way to honor the trust that your host has placed in you and ensure that future travelers have the same positive Airbnb experience. Taking a few minutes to go through this list of “things to do as a courtesy before leaving your Airbnb rental” will guarantee that your stay at the rental was a successful one. After all, we all want to make sure that our Airbnb experience is a pleasant one, as well as help ensure the same experience for other users of this platform.