Unmissable Things to Do in Sibiu, Transylvania

Located in the heart of Romania, Sibiu is a stunning city that offers a unique mix of culture, nature and entertainment. This vibrant city is home to cultural sights, historic landmarks and endless fun-filled activities to enjoy. Known for its captivating beauty and famous attractions, it’s no surprise that Sibiu is a popular destination for travelers from around the world. From visiting astonishing castle ruins to going on a wine tasting tour, here is a comprehensive list of unmissable things to do in Sibiu, Transylvania.

Exploring the Historic Old Town

One of the most popular and unmissable things to do in Sibiu is exploring its picturesque old town. Boasting historical sights, bustling markets, lively squares, and atmospheric streets, the old town is a sheer delight to marvel at. Founded in the 12th century, a walking tour of the city’s old town is a great way to discover its hidden beauty while taking in its magnificent sight. Some of the highlights of its architectural gems include the Great Square, surrounded by the Huet, Graft, and Jumper’s tower, the Brukenthal Palace, and Stoop’s Bridge.

Visiting the Magnificent Castles

Sibiu is also home to three magnificent castles located at the edge of the city. These grand fortifications have been standing for centuries and offer a glimpse into the past lives of the city’s rulers. The Three Castles of Sibiu is comprised of Sibiu Castle, Dubarsca Castle, and Jina Castle. Each castle has its own unique history, architecture, and characteristics to explore. Visiting each castle provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about Romania’s past while glimpsing at these fortifications’ grandeur.

Soaring to the Tower of the Hall

The Haller Tower or Turnul Haller is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. This remarkable tower is the tallest building in Sibiu and offers travelers a great view of the entire city and its surroundings. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the tower was built as a fire lookout. This iconic structure stands at 130 feet and has been a notable part of Sibiu’s skyline for centuries. Taking in the beautiful view of the city’s landscape from the top of this tower is one of the best ways to get a true feel for the city.

Enjoying a Playful Day at ASTRA National Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization

The ASTRA National Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization is the world’s largest open-air museum that presents traditional Romanian customs and culture. Covering an area of over 170 hectares, the museum depicts aspects of life in rural Romania from the 18th to the 20th century. This museum offers visitors a great day out with activities to indulge in and sights to admire. One of the most popular attractions at this museum is the rides on the replica of a steam-driven railway train.

Tasting the Finest Wines

The vineyard-strewn hills around Sibiu is the perfect spot to enjoy a day of wine tasting and touring. With a selection of some of Romania’s finest wines, Sibiu is the perfect place to sample these local delicacies. From the sweet and crisp rose, sparkling white, smooth red, and the feisty rose-infused wine; a wine tasting tour is an excellent way of getting acquainted with the local wines. To make the experience all the more interesting, most vineyards offer guided tours that reveal the history and culture of wines in Sibiu.

Venturing Out to Sibiu Zoo

Sibiu Zoo is the perfect place for families, couples, and friends to spend a fun and exciting day out. Home to more than 70 species, the zoo offers visitors with a great chance to get close to animals from all over the world. The zoo also features a fascinating garden with rare botanical species, and even houses a playground for kids to enjoy. An interesting highlight of the zoo is the Republic of Madagascar with its tropical ecosystem, housing several species who can only be found in this part of the world.

Exploring the Remarkable Venues at Astra Film Fest

The Astra Film Fest is is one of the longest-running documentary film festivals in Eastern and Central Europe that takes place in October every year. This incredible event brings together experienced and aspiring documentary filmmakers from around the world. Being the largest documentary film festival in Romania, travelers can experience a host of remarkable films at its various venues. Depending on the year, visitors can catch films at the ASTRA Museum Cinema, Capitaine cafe, Association Apulum Nerva Tribune, and the ASTRA Film Festival Cinema.

Experience the Charm of Christmas Markets

When the Advent season arrives, Sibiu transforms into one of Romania’s most charming Christmas destinations. The Christmas markets held in the city offer the perfect opportunity for travelers to shop for keepsakes and take in the festive spirit. It’s no wonder that Sibiu was declared part of the Christmas destinations in Romania. During the festive season, the colorful markets come to life with wintry attractions like nativity scenes, sleigh-riding, and ice-skating. Taking in the festive atmosphere and indulging in delightful treats make this event one of the most popular activities in Sibiu during the Christmas season.

Adventuring the Konopiste Castle

Located near Sibiu is the Konopiste Castle, a remarkable castle that dates back to the 15th century. This grand castle was built on the ruins of a medieval fortress and is steeped in a fascinating history. This stunning castle is home to splendid art collections, decorative arts, furniture, tapestries, and weapons illustrating the lavish lifestyle of Prince Ferdinand of the House of Hapsburg. Visiting the castle provides travelers with an opportunity to marvel at some of its secrets that have not yet been discovered.

Visiting the Ancient Snail-Shaped Town of Cisnadie

Cisnadie is an ancient town shaped like a snail and located only 15 kilometers from Sibiu. Built in the 12th century, the town has a unique look, with its round-shaped architecture and interesting wall. Although majorly inhabited by Saxons, Cisnadie is a unique mix of cultures, with romanized shepherds and local people living together. For travelers looking to take in some of the city’s history, Cisnadie offers some great iconic sights such as the Chirill House, the old synagogue, and the ancient city wall with its watchtowers.

Sibiu is a wonderful city with a welcoming atmosphere and plenty of activities to enjoy. Whether it’s visiting its picturesque old town, tasting some of the finest wines, or discovering its castles, there’s something for everyone to experience in Sibiu. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable holiday, be sure to add all the above-listed attractions and activities to your itinerary when visiting Sibiu.