From Renaissance treasures to modern art displays, The City of Toulouse has many museums, galleries, and exhibitions to discover. So, if you’re planning a trip, read our guide to Toulouse’s best sights and explore the best of the past and present in this vibrant city.


Toulouse is the largest city in southern France and the fourth-largest in the country. The stunning architecture of its old city center – known as the “Ville Rose” (Pink City) – is just one of its many attractions, but it also has ancient churches, lively markets, quaint bars, and fantastic museums.

The Best Museums and Galleries in Toulouse  

Toulouse has a wealth of cultural experiences to offer, from the renowned treasures of the Musée des Augustins to the spectacular displays of the Fondazione CRT. Here are our top picks for the best museums, galleries, and exhibitions to explore on your visit:

  1. Musée des Augustins

Situated in a former Augustinian convent, this iconic museum boasts a vast collection of fine art, artifacts, and archaeological objects from the Middle Ages to the modern day. Highlights include the sumptuous vestments from the Sainte Chapelle (the former chapels of the convent) and the statue of the Virgin Mary and Child, thought to be the city’s oldest religious sculpture.

  1. Musée Saint-Raymond

This museum is dedicated to archaeology and the history of the city and region. It contains over 30,000 Roman collections, including sculptures, inscriptions, jewelry, and other artifacts. Be sure to check out the section devoted to the Roman temple, which was built in the 3rd century AD.

  1. Fondation Bemberg

This foundation was created to preserve and exhibit the extensive collection of French and Italian Renaissance art acquired by industrialist Jean Bemberg. Highlights include works by Caravaggio, Correggio, Botticelli, Veronese, and Raphael.

  1. Fondation Georges Labit

Founded by Georges Labit, an amateur collector and pharmacist, this museum is dedicated to the art and material culture of Egypt, from the pre-dynastic period to the Graeco-Roman period. It features a wide range of artifacts, including an impressive collection of sculptures, mummies, and tools.

  1. La Cité de l’Espace

This unique museum is a must-see if you’re interested in space exploration. Themed around the history of space exploration, it will take you on a journey through the universe with interactive displays, interactive simulations, and live shows. There’s also a planetarium, an IMAX theater, and the Ariane 5 rocket.

  1. Musée Paul Dupuy

This museum is devoted to applied arts and design, with permanent and temporary exhibitions. Its collections span from the Middle Ages to the modern day and include furniture, textiles, jewelry, sculpture, decorative arts, clocks, and watches. There’s also a library and shop for those who are looking to increase their knowledge or take a souvenir home.

  1. Galerie des

This gallery showcases exhibitions of French and international artists from the 15th century to the present day. Its permanent collection includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photography, from the delicate landscapes of Claude Monet to the contemporary works of renowned artists.

  1. Pinacothèque

The Pinacothèque de Toulouse is a modern art gallery situated in the city center. It features exhibitions of works by both national and international contemporary artists, such as Gilbert & George, Yoko Ono, and Miquel Barceló.

Toulouse is a city rich in history and culture, and it’s home to many fascinating museums and galleries. From the Musée des Augustins to the Galerie des Beaux-Arts and beyond, you’re sure to find something to interest and delight you. So next time you’re in Toulouse, make sure to explore the very best of its past and present.