Brews and Booze: Finding the Best Bars in Chicago for Every Mood

Chicago is the place to be for a great assortment of bars with something to suit everyone’s tastes. From dives to craft beer bars, there’s a watering hole to suit every mood. We’re here with the scoop on the best bars in Chicago for every type of night out.

Craft Beer Bars

The craft beer scene in Chicago is one of the best in the world, and from breweries to pubs, there are plenty of places to find the perfect pour. The city’s beer bars offer some of the best hoppy concoctions around. Here’s a list of the top craft beer bars in Chicago for those who love to find the next best lager or stout:

• Local Option – This bar is a haven for craft beer lovers. It’s got two bars on two different floors and over a hundred craft beers on tap. It also has a seasonal food menu and regular events.

• Emporium Arcade Bar – This bar is both an arcade and craft beer paradise. It has a great selection of games and an impressive craft beer list. Plus, Emporium holds regular live music events, DJs, and comedy shows.

• Hopleaf Bar – Hopleaf Bar is one of the most beloved craft beer bars in Chicago. It offers around 60 rotating beers on tap and bottled beers from around the world. They also have a fantastic gastropub-style food menu.

• Map Room – This bar is a craft beer enthusiast’s dream come true. It’s known for having some of the best selection of beer from around the world, including some hard-to-find bottles and cans. Plus, the bar’s got a great food menu as well.

Dive Bars

If you’re looking for an old-school vibe and some of the best dive bars in the city, then look no further. From friendly neighborhood dive bars to dives with live music, Chicago has plenty of places to chug a beer and listen to some great tunes. Here’s the best dive bars in Chicago for a night of bands and booze:

• The Boulevard Tavern – This bar has been a staple in the Chicago dive bar scene since the ‘70s. It’s got a chill atmosphere, cheap drinks, and music ranging from rock to punk and metal.

• Cole’s Bar – This is another great dive bar with a super-friendly staff. The bartenders are really knowledgeable and the drinks aren’t too pricey either. Plus, it’s open till 4am, so you can enjoy a late-night drink without breaking the bank.

• Weegee’s Lounge – This bar might be the most dive-y of all the dives in town. The bar has been around for a long time, and it’s known for its stiff drinks and friendly atmosphere. Plus, the bar has live music every night.

• Tubular Brewing – Tubular Brewing is a more upscale dive bar, and it serves some of the best local craft beers in town. The bar also has a great selection of classic arcade games and pool tables.

Tiki Bars

Nothing says summer like a tiki bar, and Chicago has some of the best tiki bars in the Midwest. With their kitsch décor and tropical drinks, tiki bars can make any night a wild one. Here’s the top tiki bars in the city for a truly unique experience:

• Bella Bacino’s Tiki Bar – At Bella Bacino’s, it’s like a mini vacation. The bar is decorated in vintage tiki decor, and the drinks are right out of a Polynesian paradise.

• Three Dots Tiki Bar – This bar is not just kitschy, it’s also really cool. The drinks have a unique twist, and the bar is full of interesting accents like wild masks and vintage art.

• Kamehachi – Kamehachi is a high-end sushi restaurant with a tiki twist. The vibe is modern and sleek but still maintains a tiki atmosphere with tropical drinks and mood lighting.

• Tiki Terrace – This tiki bar is located in a large outdoor courtyard with a great view of the city skyline. The bar has the quintessential tiki décor with fascinating masks and statues. Plus, it has a full food menu and great cocktails.

Whiskey Bars

Whiskey bars are great places to relax and sip on some rare and unique whiskeys. It’s a great way to experience the best whiskey around in a comfortable, intimate setting. Here’s the best whiskey bars in Chicago for all the whiskey aficionados out there:

• Delilah’s – Delilah’s is a classic whiskey bar with over 100 different kinds of whiskey, along with beer and classic cocktails. The bar also has great live music events.

• The Drifter – The Drifter is a classic dive bar but it also has an impressive whiskey selection. The staff is knowledgeable, the atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the live music is great.

• The Whistler – This bar has an eclectic vibe, with a great selection of whiskeys, cocktails, and beers. Plus, the bar often has DJs or live bands playing.

• The Barrelhouse Flat – This bar is the perfect place to sample some of the finest whiskeys. The bar has a great selection of rare and unique whiskeys, and the cozy atmosphere and great music make it a great spot to relax.

Cocktail Bars

Cocktail bars are the perfect places to explore the art of mixology and try craft cocktails with unique flavor combinations. Here’s the best cocktail bars in Chicago for those who love their drinking on the sophisticated side:

• Billy Sunday – This sophisticated cocktail lounge has a speakeasy vibe and an expertly curated menu of craft cocktails. The bar also serves small plates to accompany drinks.

• Le Boulevard – This bar serves classic and modern cocktails, as well as a variety of wines and premium beers. The venue also has a restaurant and hosts live music events.

• Scofflaw – This bar is popular for its Prohibition-style décor and top-notch cocktails. The bar serves a mix of classic and modern drinks, along with a great food menu.

• The Violet Hour – The Violet Hour is an ultra-luxe cocktail bar with beautiful décor, friendly bartenders, and unique flavor combinations. The bar also serves some of the best small plates in town.

Chicago is the perfect place to explore all types of bars and find one to suit every mood. Whether you’re looking for craft beer, a dive bar, tiki, whiskey, or a cocktail lounge, the city has something for everyone. So don’t hesitate – get out there and explore all the best bars in Chicago!