Are you a coffee lover? Do you love to travel? If so, Mexico City has a café culture that you must experience. With so many different cafes to choose from, you’ll never have trouble finding a great café experience in Mexico City. Mexico City is known for its creative coffee and artisanal pastries and desserts. From decadent desserts to espresso-based beverages and pastries, Mexico City’s coffee scene offers something for every connoisseur. Whether you’re a coffee addict or a casual drinker, you’ll find something to love at these must-visit cafes in Mexico City.

Bean There, Done That: Must-Visit Cafes in Mexico City
Café Francés

This is the kind of café that dreams are made of, and when you walk through the door you feel like you’ve been transported to a Parisian café. The pink walls, marble tables and vintage decor create an atmosphere of nostalgia. The menu features French-style pastries, cakes and sandwiches, as well as hot and cold drinks made with coffee from the local roastery.

Tazca Café

Located in the heart of the city, Tazca Café is focused on serving up authentic and delicious coffee. A great spot to pick up a quick cup of freshly- brewed coffee, or stop in for a longer break and have a light snack. They have a great selection of espresso-based drinks, as well as pour-over coffees and specialty teas. With its modern aesthetic, this is the perfect spot to work on your laptop or have a leisurely conversation.

Kimbo Coffee & Beer

This coffee and beer shop is a must-visit in Mexico City. The Kimbo team crafts cold-brewed coffee made with freshly-roasted Mexican coffee beans, as well as a selection of local beers. Kimbo’s coffee selection includes espressos, cappuccinos, and cortados, as well as their signature chocolate-spiked coffee. Enjoy your drink and a pastry in the cozy interior, or grab a spot outside and watch the world go by.

Sul & Bean

Sul & Bean is a great spot for coffee and conversation. The minimalist and modern decor creates a relaxing atmosphere, making it the perfect place to get lost in a good book. The coffee here is excellent, from traditional espresso-based drinks to pour-over coffees and cold brews. They also offer a variety of food and snacks, ranging from pastries and cakes to salads and sandwiches.


Frida café is a hip, artsy spot that is popular with locals and tourists alike. Named after the iconic Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, the café pays tribute to her style and designs. As you roam through the cafe, you can see her artwork printed on mugs and cups, as well as wonderful photographs and portraits of Frida and her husband, Diego Rivera. Enjoy a great cup of coffee and one of their freshly-baked treats.

Aroma Cafe

This cozy cafe serves up some of the best coffee in Mexico City. Located in La Condesa neighborhood, Aroma Café has a great selection of espresso-based drinks, pour-over coffees, cold brews and teas. The menu also features classic cafe dishes like sandwiches and salads, as well as traditional Mexican favorites like tacos and tamales. This is a great stop for an afternoon break or a leisurely evening with friends.

Bluebird Coffee

Bluebird Coffee is a cozy spot located in the trendy Roma neighborhood. The menu offers a great selection of espresso-based drinks and cold brews, as well as a variety of teas and craft beers. Stop in for one of their rich and creamy drinks and stay a while to get some work done or catch up with friends. Enjoy their delicious pastries and cakes, or try one of the homemade sandwiches.

Fri Café & Librería

This is one of those special places that make Mexico City such a great destination. Fri Café & Librería is a café, bookshop and art gallery all in one. This unique spot invites you to relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee while browsing their selection of books and art. The menu offers a great selection of espresso-based drinks as well as cold brews and smoothies. Enjoy a snack and stay a while to get lost in a good book.

Mexico City has something for everyone, whether you’re a coffee addict or just a casual drinker. From traditional espresso-based drinks to cold brews and craft beers, the cafes in Mexico City offer something for every palate. So if you’re a fan of coffee or just looking for a unique experience, be sure to check out these must-visit cafes in Mexico City. You won’t regret it.