The world is literally full of wonders and beauty, and the underworld is no different. Caves are natural, fascinating structures that tell us about what lies beneath the surface of the earth. They often provide breathtaking views, whether on the inside or the outside, and can offer exciting activities from swimming and snorkeling to caving, climbing and rappelling. But some caves are also incredibly dangerous places, and should be explored only with caution and with a trusted guide. Here are some of the world’s most dangerous and beautiful caves.

Lechuguilla Cave

Located in the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico, USA, Lechuguilla Cave is said to be the fifth longest, deepest, and most stunning cave in the world. This gigantic and beautiful cave system is composed of narrow, winding passages and vast cave rooms, including a 35-acre lake, called “the Garden of Eden.” With 90% of its area yet unexplored, Lechuguilla Cave has the potential to contain dangerous gases and hidden passageways, making it a risky and potentially dangerous adventure.

Wombeyan Caves

Situated in the Blue Mountains of Australia, the Wombeyan Caves are said to be one of the oldest and most beautiful limestone caves in the world. They consist of numerous and unique limestone formations, named “The Stalactites” and “The Giant’s Candles,” as well as different chambers and vast galleries. Since this cave system is quite extensive, it can pose danger to inexperienced or non-professional explorers.

Bihar Caves

The Bihar Caves are an ancient group of seven rock-cut Buddhist caves located in India. Together, they make up one of the iconic mountain monasteries built by Buddhist monks during the Gupta period. This spectacular place is considered a great source of knowledge to understand the evolution of Indian art, as it contains beautifully carved sculptures, paintings, inscriptions and decorative designs. But the hazardous and confined passages, steep staircases and sharp edges add to the challenge of exploring the Bihar Caves.

Harrison’s Cave

Located in the country of Barbados, Harrison’s Cave is one of the most spectacular places in the world. With its underground lake and forty-winged galleries, there is no wonder why it is said to be one of the finest caves on this planet. But due to its low light and slippery platforms, Harrison’s Cave may prove hazardous to hikers if explored without proper equipment and experienced guides.

Jewel Cave

Situated in Black Hills of South Dakota, USA,, Jewel Cave is famous for its stunning underground network of over 175 miles of passages. It started as a single cave, formed by the dissolving of limestone and it continues to expand with airflow creating its unique formations, such as the stalactites, the stalagmites, and the columns. Despite its beauty and breathtaking view, Jewel Cave has trapped and killed some of its explorers in the past due to its unstable environment.

Edward’s Cave

Located on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, Edward’s Cave is a stunning natural gift to the island. It is known to be the largest tourist cave in the world and its most famous feature is the “Black Hole”, which is a pitch-black 200-ft deep passageway beneath the earth’s surface. This underwater lake is fed by underground springs and rivers, but it is not only filled with water but also thick layers of mud and silt, making it a dangerous but attractive place to explore.

Caves are some of nature’s most beautiful and mysterious creations, but they can also be hazardous places to explore. Nowadays, caves are increasingly becoming popular tourist destinations and there are many professional tour guides available to help adventurers enjoy and explore these places without risks. Whether it’s for the beauty or for the danger, these caves are worth visiting, if only to prove our own strength against nature’s masterpieces.