An Inspiring, Intoxicating Tour of Hong Kong’s Cocktail Scene

Tucked away in the east end of Asia stands Hong Kong, a vibrant, crowded yet calming epicenter of modern culture and cuisine. The city is renowned for its world-class dining and craft cocktails, offering an amazing journey to an exciting, sophisticated drinking scene. For cocktail lovers, Hong Kong presents an incredible opportunity to explore different concoctions and places in a unique and unforgettable way.

From vintage-style lounges and innovative bartending to local influences and unique cultural ingredients, a tour of Hong Kong’s most creative cocktail bars is truly a liquid inspiration. Here’s a list of must-visit bars that are sure to quench your thirst for exploring a new, flavor-filled city.

  1. Sense 8: Intercontinental Cocktails and Gastronomy

sense 8

Sense 8 occupies the ground floor of the InterContinental Hotel in the heart of Kowloon – which happens to be one of the best places to stay in the area. With its interactive atmosphere and contemporary setting, the mood here offers a great start to your experience. The drinks selection showcases a range of signature cocktails with chapters inspired by international culture around the world.

The signature beverages on their menu include the Big Wave – a reflection of Japan’s culture and art in a drink with matcha syrup and agricole, rhubarb liqueur, lime and rhubarb bitters – and the Breathe – a tribute to the ocean through rum, hibiscus syrup, passion fruit cordial, elderflower liqueur and lime juice.

  1. Tweed Room – Where British Heritage Lives On

tweed room

A unique drinking experience awaits at the British-inspired Tweed Room, located near Wan Chai in Hong Kong Island. From the moment you step in, you’ll feel like you’ve ventured back in time to a traditional British public house. The decor is charmingly vintage, with dark wood and velvet chairs, and the drinks selection is full of classic British and French cocktails.

The menu is constantly evolving and changing to include special surprises like the London Sour as well as timeless favourites like the French Martini. The cocktails can also be paired with an extensive selection of bar bites to complete the authentic experience.

  1. J Black – A Gathering Spot with an Asian Twist

j black

With its eclectic wooden decor, low lighting and an atmosphere that encourages better conversations, J Black has become a popular hangout spot in the Causeway Bay area. The wide selection of local and international beers and wines give you the freedom to pick your poison, while the cocktails explore the Chinese influence of flavors and traditions.

The Original Hong Kong is a classic yet surprisingly refreshing experience featuring green tea, vodka and lime cordial. Another interesting concoction is the Canto Sour which mixes white rum, cognac, lime, ginger beer and Angostura bitters to get its unique earthy aroma.

  1. Liking Bar – A Refined Drinking Experience

liking bar

This hidden gem in Central is known as one of the most sophisticated cocktail bars in town. Upon entering, you will be blown away by its minimalist decor and elegant vibe. The light fixtures and festive music add to the subtle ambiance.

In an already enticing setting, the drinks menu takes it a notch further. Have a sip of the unique Local or Spicy Pola, made with the authentic Hong Kong-style Poblano pepper syrup. The Absolute Refreshing is a subtle yet unforgettable cocktail with vodka, honey and fresh oranges complemented with star anise tonic.

  1. The Old Man – Unique Concoctions Inspired by Literature

the old man

Adding a prestigious vibe to the mix, The Old Man Hong Kong is a tribute to Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. This bar caters to cocktail connoisseurs and beyond with special creations dedicated to the legendary novel.

For those willing to be adventurous, the Spy Island Sour is guaranteed to be an enriching experience, with the Japanese Kibidango rum infusion, london dry lime juice and cinnamon syrup providing an intense combination. The Fear and Loathing is equally fulfilling with its blend of dried cherry and Chateau Ardennes Grand Cru with white wine.

  1. Foxglove – Creative Vibes at this Speakeasy


Foxglove is a 1920s-style speakeasy hidden in Central, focusing on modern atmosphere with classic elements. The entrance is located through a hong kong-style diner and a passage to a shiny, velvet room. The menu offers a mix of innovative spins on classic drinks as well as a wide selection of craft and imported beers.

Stand-out drinks include The Debutante, combining sweet pear, crisp cucumber and harmonious mezcal for an unforgettable sip, and Frank Has Issues, a potent mixture of whisky and coffee liqueur mixed with spiced bitters. You can also enjoy them with delicious small plates to complement the vibes.

Hong Kong is an inspiring mecca of culture and mixed drinking traditions that make it a unique destination for cocktail lovers all around the world. From traditional British bars to hidden prohibition-style speakeasies, the city’s cocktail scene offers a diverse and refined experience that continues to captivate and surprise locals and visitors alike.

On the hunt for something to quench your thirst of exploration? Embark on a tour of Hong Kong’s most creative cocktail bars for true inspiration and a delightful journey into a unique, intoxicating world.