Discovering the lesser-known waterfalls in the USA

The weather is turning towards warmer days and looking to explore the great outdoors is a natural byproduct of the nice days. This article will provide a list of lesser-known waterfalls in the USA, perfect for a scenic outdoor adventure. Venturing off the beaten path sees more interesting things than a highway or highway exit, and you can find plenty of hidden gems to discover by taking a little time off your screen time to check out nature’s splendour.

When looking for a waterfall nearby, the experience can be even better! Unbeknownst to many, the USA is host to several lesser-known waterfalls that can be accessed and explored relatively easily. Here is a list of waterfalls you can find across the USA:


• Cascade Falls: With diverse landscapes of rock cliffs, sandstone rock and forest, hikes on the nearby trails of Cascade Falls and Mountain Lake Wilderness in Virginia can be beautiful and relaxing.

• Blue Suck Falls: This breathtaking waterfall is tucked away in the George Washington National Forest, near the town of Fries, Virginia. Cascading down a 100-foot gorge, reaching depths of up to 36 feet, Blue Suck Falls is perfect for swimming and photography!


• North Fork Falls: The Oregon Coast Range is a stunning playground for the nature enthusiast and is full of hidden gems, one being North Fork Falls. This 146-foot-high waterfall is located about an hour outside of Eugene and has a captivating view as you drive up to its base.

• Telfair Falls: This secret gem is located in the Willamette National Forest and is an easy 6-mile hike on a well-groomed trail. It is a great spot to cool off on a hot summer day with its crystal clear pool at its base.


• Hamilton Pool: Hamilton Pool is located in the spectacular Texas Hill Country about 45 minutes outside of Austin. This hidden waterfall is a perfect spot to picnic, paddle, or just relax.

• Gorman Falls: Located within the Colorado River State Park, Gorman Falls is a beautiful spot to take a dip and cool off. With its lush vegetation and unique travertine formations, Gorman Falls is a true hidden gem.


• Bash Bish Falls: Bash Bish Falls is a stunning double-tiered waterfall near the border of New York and Massachusetts. With its picturesque 50-foot cascades and numerous trails nearby, the natural beauty of the Berkshires makes this a perfect vacation spot.

• Doanes Falls: Located in the lovely Doane’s Falls State Park in central Massachusetts, Doanes Falls is a truly remarkable sight. The 30-foot waterfall is coupled with a 65-foot staircase of rock stairs, letting you get up close and explore the full beauty of the falls.

New Hampshire

• Arethusa Falls: Arethusa Falls is located in the Crawford Notch of the White Mountains and is said to be the highest falls in New Hampshire at 200 feet tall. This beautiful waterfall is the perfect spot for a picnic and will leave you in awe with its majestic view.

• Diana’s Baths: Located in North Conway, this spectacular waterfall cascades through glacier-sculpted granite walls and creates beautiful pools of water. You can climb the stairs and slide down the rocks while also exploring the nearby trails.

Planning Your Trip

There are many lesser-known waterfalls across the USA, but with a little research, online or not, you can find something that is both close-by and memorable. Considerations such as the space you are going to be encumbered with, local regulations, and cleanliness should all be taken into account before setting off.

• Check the directions: Try to familiarize yourself with the route and make sure you are comfortable with it, before taking a road trip to visit any of the lesser-known waterfalls.

• Check local regulations: Different states have different laws, so it is wise to make sure that you check the local regulations, including if swimming is permitted at the areas you are visiting and check the parks for important notices.

• Bring what you need: Bringing along a picnic, refillable water bottle, and appropriate hiking and swimming gear can put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors more easily.

• Know your limits: Make sure that you take your level of experience into account when picking a trail or a waterfall to visit. Pushing yourself too hard can be dangerous, so be sure to listen to your body and respect its capabilities.

Visiting a waterfall can be an adventure and experience like no other. So, get outside and reconnect with nature by visiting one of the lesser­-known waterfalls in the USA. You can appreciate the roaring beauty of nature’s creations and, in the words of Henry David Thoreau, “live deliberately.”