Madrid is a captivating city, offering art, culture, incredible gastronomy and more. A visit to Madrid wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the city’s stylish and vibrant café culture. Whether you’re looking for a place to down a quick espresso or spend an afternoon lounging in an upmarket tea lounge, Madrid’s chic cafes have it all. Here’s our guide to the most fashionable places to sip in the Spanish capital.

Why Café Culture is So Prominent in Madrid   

Coffee-drinking has become a critical part of life in Spain. Cafés are integral to Madrid commuters and dwellers, providing them with a place to grab a caffeine-fix before braving the city’s busy streets. That being said, Madrid’s café culture is about much more than just coffee. Madrid cafés are a meeting point for friends, a space to read or work in peace or a place to stop and take in the Madrid buzz.

The Top 5 Stylish Cafés Berlin Deli Independencia:  

Berlin Deli Independencia is an ideal fusion of the best of Madrid, Berlin and Korea. This stylish and vibrant café offers an impressive selection of salads, pastries, baked goods and more. It’s not just the food that’s great here though – the décor is spot-on, with exposed brick, bright furnishings and modern art adorning the walls.

Café Europa:

If you’re looking for a classic and stylish café experience in Madrid, Café Europa is the place to go. This relaxed and traditional spot serves classic café fare alongside Mediterranean-style tapas. Don’t forget to try the delicious homemade lemonade!


Salveros is the perfect spot for an upscale café experience. It boasts an extensive drinks list and has an extensive brunch menu for weekends. The chic décor includes art-deco interiors and natural lighting, making it an ideal place to get inspired.

Cafetería San Ginés:

This long-standing café is a Madrid institution. Serving Spanish-style gazpacho and other classic dishes, Cafetería San Ginés has been delighting the locals for over 140 years. Don’t leave without trying the café’s classic churros con chocolate – it’s a must-have!

La Taberna del Güero:

This trendy spot is perfect for enjoying an espresso with friends or a glass of vino of an afternoon. La Taberna del Güero is an oasis of chic, vintage style, with industrial-style interiors and open-plan seating.

The Funky Coffee Spots   

If you’re looking for something a little more off-the-beaten-track, there are plenty of funky coffee spots in Madrid. From decommissioned post offices-turned-arts-and-culture hubs to pop-up café showpieces – Madrid has it all. Here are some of our favorite funkier spots.


Barcelona-born Robadors is a sleek and hip spot, located in Madrid’s hip Malasaña area. Serving up some delicious pastries and a range of twisted takes on classic coffee drinks, Robadors is sure to impress.

La Gran Café:

La Gran Café sees an old-fashioned Madrid café renovated into a modern, innovative institution. With its impressive drin ks list, tasty food options and art-adorned interiors, it’s a great spot for chill-out or get work done in style.

Café I.W.I.:

One of the newer contenders to the Madrid café scene is Café I.W.I. This chic spot offers classic Spanish coffee alongside vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free treats. The café’s alluring interiors boast book-lined walls, open and inviting seating and more.

Madrid’s café culture is a vibrant and exciting world that’s waiting to be explored. Whether you’re looking for a classic Spanish experience or something a little more modern, the Spanish capital won’t let you down. With its chic cafes, vibrant food and beautiful art, Madrid is the ideal spot for a caffeine-fueled rendezvous or a chilled-out afternoon.