The Best Sushi Restaurants In The World

Sushi lovers everywhere know that when it comes to experiencing the highest-quality sashimi, maki, and nigiri, nothing compares to a night out at one of the world’s best sushi restaurants. From Michelin-starred spots in Asia to top-notch restaurants in the U.S. to cozy Finnish eateries, the best sushi restaurants in the world go beyond serving up fresh fish and provide a unique, memorable experience. To help sushi connoisseurs find the perfect sushi restaurant for their next outing, here are the top ten spots for sushi in the world.

  1. Sushi Dai, Tokyo

Located in the renowned Tsukiji fish market in Japan, Sushi Dai is perhaps the most well-known sushi spot in the world. Here, the master chefs prepare sushi and sashimi specialties in the traditional Edomae style and are committed to using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Its long lines in the early morning hours attest to its enduring popularity, with many visitors waiting up to two hours for a seat at the sushi bar.

  1. Sushi Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo

Regarded as one of the most exclusive restaurants in the world, the 3-Michelin-starred Sushi Sukibashi Jiro is one of the most legendary sushi restaurants in the world. In a tiny two-seater restaurant tucked away in Tokyo’s Ginza district, guests are treated to an intimate meal of Italian-style sushi prepared with only the best ingredients. Despite its sky-high prices and infamous waitlist, Jiro’s rapacious devotees make sure to add in this exquisite sushi experience onto their trips to Tokyo.

  1. Kissuisō, Kobe

Located in Kobe, Japan, the popular sushi spot Kissuisō has drawn attention for its acclaimed chef, Yamamoto Sunao. He has made a name for himself through the unique style of sushi he creates, combining both traditional sushi-making techniques and modern-day sensibilities. Guests rave about the peerless sushi delicacies that are served in this small yet vibrant restaurant.

  1. Hatsune, Amsterdam

Delighting sushi lovers since 1993, Hatsune is renowned for its imaginative take on classic sushi dishes. Every bite takes you on a journey, combining Japanese flavors with European flair and presented in a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. And with its strategic location in Amsterdam’s Vijzelstraat, diners can easily transition from a relaxing meal at Hatsune directly onto the city’s canal boats.

  1. Ayami Sushi, Barcelona

Ayami is a standout sushi restaurant in Barcelona, frequented by seafood lovers from around the world. Not only does it boast an excellent rotating menu of delicious creations, but Ayami also offers a unique take on sushi-making: every order comes as ‘one piece’ and is served omakase-style. This personalized service definitely sets the restaurant apart from its competitors, guaranteeing an unforgettable dinner experience.

  1. Sushi Taro, Washington D.C.

Sushi Taro bears the honor of being one of D.C’s top-rated eateries, consistently ranked among the best restaurants for sushi lovers to visit. Specializing in traditional sushi and sashimi, this cozy three-story restaurant really packs a punch in terms of ambience and flavor. With its precise knife work, precise seasoning, and impeccable presentation, Sushi Taro is a must-visit spot for any sushi aficionado.

  1. Sushi Mizutani, Tokyo

This extraordinary sushi restaurant is the place to go for a special dinner treat. At Sushi Mizutani, minimalism is key: it has no menu and serves up only the freshest ingredients, thinking up new creations on a whim. Its master chef Hiroyuki Mizutani and his apprentice Hajime Sato prepare each sushi dish with care and attention, paying close attention to the tiniest detail.

  1. Fumi Sushi, Seoul

Another top spot for sushi and omakase dinner in the world is Fumi Sushi, located in the bustling city of Seoul. Visitors to Fumi rave about its diverse menu filled with classic and creative sushi, sashimi and maki rolls. Not to mention, diners can delight in Fumi’s show-stopping sushi displays and its beautiful presentation of the sushi.

  1. Saiko sushi Bar and Grill, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not typically known for sushi restaurants, but Saiko sushi Bar and Grill is changing that. Saiko sushi focuses on sustainable ingredients, modern preparation techniques and a vibrant, passionate atmosphere. For sushi lovers looking for a unique and unexpected experience, Saiko is a must-visit spot that won’t disappoint.

  1. Kappamaki, Helsinki

And finally, bring your sushi experience to the beautiful Scandinavian city of Helsinki and visit Kappamaki. This unique spot specializes in all kinds of sushi, from traditional maki, nigiri, and sashimi to specialty rolls filled with crab and other ingredients. With its cozy atmosphere, Kappamaki delivers delightful dishes accompanied by a personalized and enjoyable experience.

From Michelin-starred eateries in Tokyo to cozy spots in Helsinki, the best sushi restaurants in the world offer an unforgettable experience for sushi connoisseurs. From Jiro’s classic Edomae-style sushi to Saiko’s sustainable specialty rolls and beyond, the mentioned restaurants provide a range of flavors and experiences that will never be forgotten. So make your reservations and tempura rolls, and start your journey to explore the best sushi restaurants in the world!