Europe is an incredible destination for lovers of art and craft, as it boasts a long and rich cultural history intertwined with the unique craftsmanship of its many countries. From the intricate mosaics of Byzantine churches in Greece to the colorful ceramics of the Mediterranean, Europe is full of ancient art and craft traditions. If you’re looking to become part of this long, venerable story, and learn the secrets of European pottery, then there are plenty of great classes to take throughout the continent. 

From private one-on-one sessions in tiny family-run studios to intense workshops in modern, European city centers, here are the top Europe pottery classes to take.

The Benefits of Taking Pottery Classes in Europe  

Pottery making has been part of the European cultural heritage for centuries, so it’s no wonder there are plenty of great classes to take throughout the continent. The crafts and techniques you’ll learn in Europe from master potters offer something quite different from what you’ll find in pottery classes in other parts of the world. Not only do you benefit from learning from masters who have decades of experience, but you will also be able to explore the special qualities of European clay.

Beyond the hands-on learning experience of attending a pottery class in Europe, there are also plenty of other advantages. The European cityscapes offer incredible vistas and unique views that can be inspiring for potters of all skill levels. Plus, many cities in Europe offer access to numerous museums and galleries, which can be great resources for viewing other potters’ work and getting design inspiration.

Top Pottery Classes in Europe  

  1. Pottery in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a stunning city, and taking a pottery class here allows you to soak in its beauty while learning new techniques. Per Olaf Holmengen Art Studio is a family-run operation specializing in fine pottery and ceramics. The studio offers private tutorials tailored to any skill level. Plus, you can also take longer classes which cover everything from the basics of pottery to more complex techniques. Prices for classes start at around 200 CZK per hour (about $9).

  1. Pottery in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a paradise for potters. With centuries of knowledge in their hands, master potters in Tuscany create exquisite pieces that are admired far and wide. At La Meridiana Pottery School, you can take an intensive 3-day pottery class. Learn throwing, handbuilding, and a host of other techniques. The course price includes a guided visit to the historic city of Florence and a visit to some of Italy’s most breathtaking ancient Etruscan tombs.

  1. Pottery in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a hotspot for pottery, with plenty of classes for potters of all levels. If you’re looking for an intense workshop to stretch your skills, then Ceramics Central is the place to go. This workshop offers week-long courses from some of Hungary’s leading potters. The classes range from throwing and shaping to glazing and firing. The course price also includes accommodations and meals.

  1. Pottery in Paris, France

If you’re looking to explore the glamorous side of pottery, then look no further than Paris. The city is renowned for its extraordinary arts scene, and potters here have access to resources like no other. At Ceramistes de Paris, you can take classes in wheel throwing, handbuilding, and sculpting. Classes range from 2-day workshops to longer-term classes, with prices starting at €200.

  1. Pottery in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the ideal place to explore the modern side of pottery making. At the Berlin Pottery Workshop, you can attend both short-term and long-term courses. Short-term courses cover topics like wheel-throwing, handbuilding, and sculpting, while long-term courses allow you to take your skills further with classes focusing on glazing and firing. The course prices vary depending on the length of the class and how intensive the work is.

When it comes to pottery, Europe is a treasure trove of ancient and modern techniques, resources, and cultural influences. From private tutorials in the cities of Prague and Budapest to multi-day workshops in Italy and France, there’s something for everyone who’s looking to learn a new pottery skill. whichever class you choose, you can be sure of your investment—you’ll be learning from the best of European pottery, and taking home something special to show for it.