Themed Restaurants In The UK You Have To Eat At To Believe  

When it comes to enjoying a meal out, the UK has long been renowned for its wealth of themed restaurants. After all, nothing brings a night out to life like the chance to tuck into a delicious meal in a unique and immersive environment. With social restrictions still in place in the UK, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants are still struggling, although the themed restaurants on this list are the cream of the crop, and well worth a visit when restrictions are lifted. Read further to discover the very best themed restaurants in the UK you have to eat at to believe.

The Best Themed Restaurants In The UK  

  1. Red Dog Saloon:

This Nashville-inspired BBQ joint in Hoxton is one of the most well-loved themed restaurants in London, completely decked out with crates and barrels, wild-west style cornices and saloon doors. With slow-smoked meats, ranging from chicken and pulled pork, to beef brisket and ribs, the Red Dog Saloon provides a unique and exciting dining experience.

  1. Hotbox:

This is the ultimate BBQ experience, a hat tip to the bars and restaurants of LA, smack bang in the heart of London. The sizzling meats and Burnt End Rice Balls bring an incredible taste of American-style BBQ to the party, in an environment that is designed to be laid back, relaxed and inviting. Fancy something a little more exotic? The Mexican-style dishes are just as delicious!

  1. Cowboys & Angels:

If you’re after a unique evening out, Cowboys & Angels brings the spirit of the Wild West right to the heart of Bristol. This saloon bar combines an irresistible mix of Tex-Mex flavours with the rustic, provincial charm of a cowboy-style bar, complete with raw wood and exposed timber beams. The restaurant offers a range of traditional Tex-Mexand BBQ-style dishes to tantalise your taste buds, as well as a range of sides, sauces and marinades.

  1. Tropicana:

Tropicana is situated in the heart of Blackpool, with many describing it as the most colourful themed restaurant in the UK. Channelling the spirit of the Caribbean, this fierce little rum shack is inspired by the region’s bright and vibrant culture, and there is definitely a special kind of atmosphere about the place. The menu features an array of Caribbean-style dishes, such as jerk chicken and spicy seafood.

  1. The Lost & Found:

The Lost & Found is an absolute masterpiece when it comes to themed restaurants. It is found within Birmingham’s Great Western Arcade, and is full of secret nooks and hidden passages, giving it a sense of mystery and exploration. Tables are arranged amongst beautiful cocktails and craft beers, creating a cosy and romantic dining experience full of winding staircases, gothic candelabras and a custom-built aquarium.

  1. Chez Buck:

Situated in Edinburgh’s iconic Grassmarket, Chez Buck is an American-style diner with a twist. This exciting venue pays homage to the rock and roll icons of yesteryear, blending the retro styling of 1950s dingy diners with an incredibly vibrant menu full of ever-changing seafood dishes, salads and sandwiches. The carefully selected playlist on the vintage jukeboxes creates the perfect atmosphere for an evening of nostalgia.

  1. The Elm Tree:

This family-run restaurant in Nottingham has been a firm favourite with locals since 1934! It is decorated with a distinct Tudor-style interior, complete with soft candle-lit lighting, carved wooden chairs and a collection of antique artefacts. All the dishes on its unique menu feature locally sourced ingredients, with a twist of French and Italian influence.

What To Expect At Themed Restaurants  

When it comes to eating at a themed restaurant, there are a few things to expect that may make your visit even more memorable for all the right reasons.

• Unique decor: Themed restaurants often provide a colourful and imaginative atmosphere in which to enjoy your meal. Think saloon doors, wild-west style cornices and barrels, log cabins, exotic artefacts, neon signs and gothic candelabras. Whether it’s a Caribbean-inspired restaurant or a 50s style diner, there’s sure to be something to help create a unique atmosphere.

• Delicious food and drink: This goes without saying! Themed restaurants provide delicious menus featuring interesting twists on classic dishes. Regional cuisine provides inspiration for many of the dishes, and depending on the restaurant, you may even be able to find traditional Midwestern dishes, creative seafood dishes or Mexican-style dishes. And of course, the drinks menu should not be overlooked – local craft beers, unique cocktails and vintage tipples all add to the atmosphere.

• Memories that last a lifetime: With the exceptional food, drinks and décor usually comes a meal to remember. Themed restaurants are great for groups of friends, couples or for families who want to share an evening out with a difference.

Themed restaurants are places where you can truly let your hair down and relax, whether you’re looking for a lively evening with friends, a romantic date night or a family outing. They are a great way to enjoy a delicious meal that will be remembered for years to come, whilst also taking in some unique décor and ambience. From Nashville-inspired BBQ joints to Caribbean rum shacks, take a look at the themed restaurants in this list and you are sure to find one to suit your taste. For the best flavours, experience and atmosphere, the restaurants on this list should definitely be a priority when looking for somewhere to eat out in the UK.