People come from far and wide to discover the mysteries of Marrakech. From the searing desert dunes outside the city to intricate marketplaces inside, the soul of Morocco is alive and thriving in this storied city. For many visitors, one of the most memorable experiences is uncovering the beloved bars and classic cocktails of the Marrakech nightlife scene. 

In Marrakech, you’ll find plenty of fantastic bars and inventive cocktails to satisfy all your cravings. Whether you’re looking for a champagne-soaked night on the town or a sip of an exquisite local brew, this insider’s guide to Marrakech’s best bars and drinks has something for everyone.

Exquisite Local Drinks  

The capital city of Marrakech has a thriving culture of local and traditional drinks. While Western-style cocktails have become increasingly popular, nothing quite compares to the traditional taste and ingredients of Moroccan drinks. Here are some of the most renowned examples:

  1. Bissara: This is a simple but delicious soup-like dish made from blended fava beans, dried and ground with spices, salt, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. Bissara is typically served with bread, but it’s also enjoyed as a stand-alone drink.

  2. Tamarind Tea: Tamarind tea is a popular drink in Marrakech, made from tamarind fruit, sugar, and a mixture of spices like saffron, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. The tea is served cold, and has a sweet, tart flavour.

  3. Saffron Tea: Saffron tea is another traditional Moroccan drink, made from black tea, sugar and saffron. This tea is often served with desserts, and is usually accompanied by almond cookies.

  4. Rose Water: Rose water is a fragrant infusion made from rose petals and distilled water. In Marrakech, this drink is popular with both locals and visitors.

  5. Mint Tea: Mint tea is another popular beverage, made of green tea, fresh mint leaves, and sugar. As the national drink of Morocco, mint tea is the perfect accompaniment to conversations with friends, family, or passing strangers.

Premier Marrakech Bars  

Once you’ve explored the city’s traditional drinks, it’s time to venture into the bustling bars of Marrakech. From rooftop lounges to underground dives, the options are wide and varied. Here are some of the city’s premiere destinations:

  1. Libertine Marrakech: Libertine Marrakech is a popular locals’ hangout, located in the center of the city. With an excellent selection of craft beers and innovative cocktails, this is the perfect spot to grab a drink and join in on the fun.

  2. Palais Jad Mahal: This bar is located near La Plage du Jad Mahal, one of Marrakech’s most popular beaches. Palais Jad Mahal is a chic and sophisticated spot with a relaxed atmosphere and an outdoor terrace.

  3. Nomad Marrakech: Located in the heart of the old medina, Nomad Marrakech has a spacious terrace offering panoramic views of the city. The drinks selection is extensive, with cocktails crafted from fresh fruits, herbs and spices.

  4. El Badi: El Badi is a small bar tucked away in the sea of alleyways near the Jemaa el-Fnaa square. This bar is better known for its live performances—catch a flamenco show or a stand-up comedy act without having to leave the city.

  5. Café des Épices: This classic cafe and bar is located in the bustling souks of the medina. When the sun sets, Café des Epices erupts with a vibrant atmosphere of music, dancing, and delicious cocktails.

The Perfect Cocktails  

Along with its delicious drinks, Marrakech has some of the most inventive and unique cocktails in the world. Here are a few of the must-try cocktails you can find in Marrakech:

  1. Chermoula: This herbal-infused cocktail is made with Brando Vermouth, fresh chermoula herbs, olives, orange and lemon juices, and spices like cinnamon, cumin, and cayenne pepper. The result is a complex and highly flavorful concoction.

  2. Apple and Cardamom Sour: This whiskey-based sour cocktail is made with apple, cardamom, egg white, and a dash of lemon juice, and is popular for its sweet and spicy taste.

  3. Jardin des Saisons: This gin and brandy-based cocktail is made with fresh mint, tangerine juice, rose syrup, and a dash of orange blossom water.

  4. Berbère Spritz: This signature cocktail features vermouth, rhum, pomegranate molasses, and a mixture of spices like paprika, coriander and cumin. This drink is the perfect blend of sweetness and spice.

  5. Orange and Arak: The ‘Orange and Arak’ is a traditional cocktail made with arak (anise-flavored spirit akin to ouzo), fresh orange juice, and spices like cardamom and saffron. This is a sweet, citrusy drink sure to warm your heart.

When it comes to bars and cocktails, Marrakech has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a unique local drink, a chic rooftop bar, or a top-shelf cocktail, the city has it all. Uncover the best of Marrakech’s bar and cocktail scene on your next visit—you may be surprised and delighted by the breadth of choices available. From Bissara to the Berbère Spritz, the drinks of Marrakech range from classic to contemporary—so don’t hesitate to explore them all!