The Most Romantic Spots In St. Thomas & The Virgin Islands

Romance is in the air when it comes to St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands! With its beautiful beaches, lush tropical forests and vibrant culture, it’s no surprise that St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands is a popular destination for couples looking to ignite or re-ignite the spark in their relationship. Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, a long-weekend getaway or a special anniversary, the island’s array of romantic spots ensure that your couple’s escape will be more than memorable.

Let’s take a look at the best places for romantic encounters in St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands:

The Best Beachfronts in St. Thomas & The Virgin Islands

Beaches in the Virgin Islands offer plenty of picturesque spots for couples wanting to experience the romance of a tropical paradise. Here are some of the best beachfronts in St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands for romantic getaways:

• Sapphire Beach: Sapphire Beach is the ideal spot for couples who want to both soak in the sun and enjoy an intimate walk along a tranquil shore. This serene beach is encircled by lush palms and boasts pristine white sand, making it an ideal accompaniment to a romantic picnic lunch or an evening stroll.

• Naggo Head Beach: Naggo Head Beach is a favorite spot for couples needing an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This secluded beach offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and an isolated shoreline ideal for an afternoon of privacy and peacefulness.

• Magens Bay: The tranquil waters and white-sand shores of Magens Bay are undoubtedly some of the best in the Virgin Islands. Spend the day exploring the brilliant reefs, lagoons and grottos here with your special someone before enjoying a romantic sunset on the beach.

• Trunk Bay Beach: Trunk Bay Beach on St. John is known for its stunning, crystal-clear waters and coral formations. This popular spot is ideal for couples wanting to take a dip in the ocean or a romantic stroll along the beach.

• Buck Island: Buck Island boasts an array of activities perfect for couples looking to get closer, including snorkeling, swimming and beach BBQs. Don’t forget to bring along a picnic lunch to really enjoy the beauty this island has to offer.

Spectacular Views For Romance

The islands of St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands offer picturesque mountain and ocean views for couples to explore and enjoy. Here are some of the most romantic spots for couples looking for stunning views:

• Skyline Lookout: Skyline Lookout in St. Thomas offers breathtaking views of the St. Thomas Harbor and surrounding islands. This spot is ideal for couples wanting to enjoy photos of the breathtaking scenery from a hilltop lookout.

• Smugglers Cove: Just outside Cruz Bay, Smugglers Cove provides amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and its nearby isles. This romantic spot is a great place to watch the sunset with your special someone while enjoying the island’s natural beauty.

• Mountain Top: From Mountain Top on St. Thomas, you can get an eye-level view of the Caribbean Sea, lush mountains and lush tropical vegetation. Enjoy this breathtaking view during a romantic drive, or make your way down the winding road to the beach.

• Lindbergh Bay: Lindbergh Bay is located on the island of St. Thomas and is a great spot for couples to experience romantic picnic lunches and spectacular views of the nearby islands. This idyllic spot is known for its clear, aquamarine waters and white sand beaches.

Romantic Dining Experiences

St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands offer some of the most romantic dining experiences for couples looking for the ultimate in romantic meals. Here are some spots to consider for that special dinner for two:

• La Tapa: La Tapa is a popular spot for couples wanting to enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach. This idyllic spot provides a unique Caribbean-Spanish fusion of flavors and breathtaking views of St. Thomas’ Magen’s Bay.

• Savant: Savant is a much-loved spot for couples wanting to dine with a view of the Caribbean Sea. This restaurant serves up a variety of Mediterranean dishes, including house-made pasta and seafood dishes.

• Rhumb Lines: Rhumb Lines is a cozy spot for couples wanting to enjoy a romantic dinner with a view of the harbor. This restaurant offers an array of international cuisine and an impressive wine list.

• Gladys’ cafe: If your idea of a romantic evening is an intimate dinner out on the patio, then Gladys’ cafe is the place for you. Enjoy a unique array of dishes, including West Indian and Caribbean cuisine, without the hustle and bustle of the more touristy spots.

Romantic Getaways

For those planning a romantic getaway, St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands provide some of the best spots to unwind and reconnect with your special someone. Here are some of the most romantic getaway spots in St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands:

• Santurce House: Located in the heart of Panama City’s Casco Viejo, Santurce House is a private hideaway for couples looking for romantic escapes. Guest rooms are graced with contemporary furnishings and balconies with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

• Secret Harbour: Secret Harbour on St. Thomas is the perfect spot for couples looking to get away from it all. This beautiful beach resort offers luxurious accommodations, romantic restaurants and its own private beach.

• Bitter End Yacht Club: If a romantic, yacht-style getaway is what you’re looking for, then the Bitter End Yacht Club is the perfect spot. This private island boasts breathtaking villas and a myriad of activities, including sunset cruises.

• Sombero Beach Cottages: Sobero Beach Cottages is perfect for those wanting an adventure-filled, yet ultra-private getaway. Guests can enjoy sunbathing on Sandy Spit, stargazing on the beach and picturesque views of the Caribbean Sea.

No matter what your ideal romantic St. Thomas & Virgin Islands getaway looks like, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot for you and your special someone to share a truly romantic experience. From beachfronts and spectacular views to romantic restaurants and getaways, the enchantment of St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands will linger in your memories for years to come.